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  1. Susie Arendt says:

    Hey Brendan,
    I was just wondering if you forgot to put my grade in for test 3 on e-learning. I took it that one day after class remember?

  2. kevin loney says:

    hey brendan i think i left my car keys in class after the exam is there anyway i can get in there to check cuz its always locked

  3. Alexander Freeman says:

    Hi Alyssa,
    I did the extra credit for the walking tour and my friends Aly Gillison and Chris Handlon took the picture with me. They both turned in pictures with my name on it, although i did not get the picture points. The only reason i ask you to look again is because i think my current grade is a 91.4% and that extra credit will put me in the A range. Thanks for your time.

    • alyssajt says:

      I’ll look tomorrow when I get into the office to see what happened to the Walking Tour Grade.

      Good luck on Finals

  4. martina klukowski says:

    I have been waiting and waiting to see my updated blog grade, but nothing has changed. I have the same grade from the first time they were posted, and I know that I should have more points because I have continued to post comments throughout the semester. Are the new grades still not posted?

    Plus I think it is a crock that some people in the class received full credit on the blog a long time ago and haven’t posted since, because they don’t have to. And here I am posting throughout the entire semester and still at a 31 out of 50. It doesn’t add up.

    Please let me know what is going on and if the new grades have just not been put up yet.

    Thank You,
    Martina Klukowski

    • alyssajt says:

      Blog grades are not yet posted for the entire semester. I would look Friday around noon for the grades. They should be in by then.

      If you have any specific questions I would e-mail kevin and lisa both.

  5. Chelsea Staples says:

    Hey Brendan-

    I can still turn in my walking tour paper to you tomorrow right? I wasn’t there on Thursday and didn’t turn it in Tuesday because I wanted the extra credit. Let me know!

  6. Abdulrahman Gobir says:

    Please where is the study session going to take place…I am kind of lost right now, and trying to figure out the place..please tell me before its end..:(

  7. Alexus Mendez says:

    PAUL Do you play the guitar!??? you look like Justin (shannon’s guitarist) hahah 🙂

  8. Susie Arendt says:

    i’m a little confused. so is the concert going to be over before 10pm so we can have enough time to catch the bus??? and does the bus go straight to the state theatre or would we have to walk from the bus station????

  9. martina klukowski says:

    I left my homework from tuesday’s walking class in my car. I would just walk out to my car at the end of class and turn it in, but I am leaving early for an interview today. When can I turn it in to you and still be able to receive full credit?

  10. Alexus Mendez says:

    another question.. since i wasnt there today i remember paul telling me he was going to go over the bus scheduling to get to the state theater.. which one do we take THERE? is it #16 city bus!? and do they stop doing bus runs after 6:30 p.m. because thats what it says on the bus page.. IM CONFUSED! 😦

    Get back at me


  11. Jessica Ladd says:

    What is The Strutt? Is that the official, look-me-up name?


  12. Alexus Mendez says:

    I couldnt make it to today’s class (Wednesday) because i had a horrible migrane.. there is no way i wouldve been able to sit through the class especially with music being played.. that just makes it worse :/ and i know that we were supposed to turn in our walking tour sheets today.. I was wondering if i could drop it off in the Thursday class that you have.. otherwise let me know if you have another suggestion?

    • alyssajt says:

      Yeah, you can turn it in with the T/R class. Just make sure to let Brendan know that you are from my class and he should put a large M/W on it.

      Hope you feel better. Feel free to attend the T/R class as well if you are feeling better.

  13. Abdulrahman Gobir says:

    I miss Today walking tour, because I was not able to locate the east hall before you leave plus I have a class un-till 2:00 pm, and I am International student thus make it to be more complicated for me to figure out where exactly we are going to meet, so I am wonder if you let me to join tomorrow class?

    • alyssajt says:

      Absolutely, Paul, Kevin, and Brendan will see you tomorrow!! Just make sure that when you turn in the assignment to let Paul and everyone know that you are actually in the M/W class.

  14. Alexus Mendez says:

    a few questions/confusion that i need to ask

    1) For tomorrow (East Hall) What bus do we take to get there? i was going to just drive but then Paul said that we are going to be ending up downtown!? So im confused about that..

    2) For Friday’s performance does a bus go down there too!? Not all of us have our cars on campus

    Sorry if these are dumb questions.. but im DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED! :p

    • Paul R Solomon says:

      Alexus — please see the link to Bronco Express bus route on the Announcement page — to reach East Hall. And see the map in your Handbook ~

      2. The bus reaches the State Theatre as well – we’ll go over that in class Weds and Thursday.

  15. Andrea Terenzi says:

    When will the study guide be posted for our exam that’s suppose to be Monday/Tuesday?

    • Paul R Solomon says:

      The Study Guide has been posted since early this weekend — please look under Announcements — right under the info about Shannon Curfman. It’s also posted on eLearning.

  16. Shannon Lehew says:

    How do I go about getting an extra ticket for the Shannon Curfman performance?

    • alyssajt says:

      I suggest buying an extra ticket from the State Theatre, and make sure to check under announcements for any further information. All steps have been posted.

  17. Tierene' Coleman says:

    Okay I just wrote a very long comment twice for the response to Mondays class with Mr. Bonesteel and it keeps telling me that I have an invalid email. What do I do about this problem? Because it is taking up a lot of time and effort for it just to be erased every time I respond!

    • alyssajt says:

      I would suggest copying the material you write before attempting to submit. That is very confusing as to why it would do that…

      Perhaps you keep missing a letter, or use a different e-mail that you regularly check?

      Let me know if you continue to have problems.

  18. natasha herbst says:

    is it too late to switch nights for persepolis?

    • brendanM says:

      Next time, send me an email as I will be able to respond quicker.
      However, if you did not attend Persepolis last night, there should still be some seats available to go tonight. I will add your name to the switch list.


  19. AJ Roberts says:

    Hey! I was wondering about the Bread and Puppet Theatre performance today. Will that be taking place regardless of the weather? It’s kind of raining right now and I just wanted to see if anyone knew if that’s still going on. I tried to go to the link for the facebook page but for some reason it’s not working. It just keeps sending it to my iCal and I can’t figure it out! Thanks!

  20. Jessica Ladd says:

    I want to make sure I have this right, that we do not meet finals week, so Test 4 is our final, which would be April 21st?

    Also, will the comprehensive material come from the prior tests or will new comprehensive material be thrown in?


    • alyssajt says:

      Correct, you do not have a final the week of the 26th-30th. The fourth exam is technically your final.

      There will be some comprehensive material on the test but the majority of the material will be new material between tests.

  21. Sarah Crisp says:

    What was the video called (or the link) that we just watched from st. pattys day celebrations? I loved it lol

  22. kay tarleton says:

    I was so caught up in the movement choir yesterday and the test that I forgot to give you my preformance switch form. I wanted to go to Chicago on the 17th with the other class because on the 18th I have a manditory dance rehersal. I see Alyssa tomorrow, I can talk to her about it if you wanted me to. I can also send you the sheet in an email or see if I can drop it off on Monday at the office or something or do i need to give it to Paul and not you? Sorry, I don’t have the handbook in front of me or I’d look it up : )

    • zachary gunnels says:

      Alyssa i will not be able to attend the play on St. Patrick’s day because that night i am meeting with my group for communications class because we have a 16 page paper due early on Thursday. i would greatly appreciate it if you would okay me switching to the Thursday play. If you could get back to me i would greatly appreciate it.

      Thanks agian,

      Zachary Gunnels

  23. Alysha Gillison says:

    how many points do we need for the blog by the end of the semester?

  24. natasha herbst says:

    alyssa i didnt know where else to go, my fight got cancelled and rescheduled and all that crap and im running late but should be there about 11 to take the test, i will explain in detail when i get there….if i cant do the test i understand but its been a really crappy day and im begging for mercy lol
    if u get this call me at 8105881011

  25. Katharine Elder says:

    I was wondering why the “Dearts time” part of the web page does not work?

    • alyssajt says:

      Works just fine for me, perhaps it is your browser? I clicked it, from the right side of this page and it took me right to the website after I “Signed in” with no trouble.

      What part isn’t working for you?

  26. Eileen Keaty says:

    for the april 16th performance is that the only night it is performing? I have a family wedding that night and can’t make it.

    • brendanM says:

      Yes, that is the only performance. Please consult the handbook on this matter and email me, Kevin, or Paul to meet so we can talk about it in person.

  27. Alyssa May says:

    is the performance on thursday optional? we haven’t discussed in class but it was on the screen yesterday.

    • alyssajt says:


      the Thursday performance is next Thursday the 25th and no it is not optional. If you miss the performance you will loose 50 points.

      However, if you feel you are going to have to miss that evening performance talk to your TA next week, get a switch-form and turn it in by that Wednesday/Thursday and you will get your points back.

      Of course with the Switch-Sheet, for any performance, you will have to attend a performance on your own time, with your own coin, and then write a response discussing what you saw. (Guidelines for this will be given to you VIA e-mail.)


  28. Victoria Berry says:

    Do we have any homework or reading pages assigned for this coming Tuesday? I’m sorry I left without asking.

    • alyssajt says:

      nope you don’t have to do anything for Tuesday. (assuming you turned in the RCVA questionnaire at the end of class Ths.) However, it is smart to always go over the material that we present in class.

  29. Victoria Marcus says:

    Thanks Alyssa!
    Sorry I didn’t refer to the handbook first.

  30. Victoria Marcus says:

    I would like to talk with someone regarding the grading system for the blog assignments. I just reviewed my “grade” and do not agree with the assigned number value. Is this purely a subjective reflection by an individual?

    • alyssajt says:

      Victoria this is a very important issue, I’m glad you brought it up. The grade you see right now for your blogging is the amount you have received over the last 4 weeks out of the grade you are able to receive total, over the semester.

      So say you only have a 5 out of 50… You’ve got the entire rest of the semester to finish up the 50 points. But remember, at this current standing, it is impossible to receive a 50/50.

      And if you look in the handbook there are guidelines by which the blogs are being graded. So no, the points given are not purely subjective.

  31. Chelsea Staples says:

    i am sure this is to late notice but is there anyway i could get the notes on the first two days of class? i added the class late so of course, as i am frantically going through my notes for the test…i don’t have any for those days. anything you can do for me? haha..thanks.

    • Chelsea Staples says:

      p.s. i tried e-mailing you (brendan) when i added the class but i never heard back. my e-mail is just in case you are able to send me them!

      • alyssajt says:

        Unfortunately Chelsea, we were not able to get back to you in time for the test here on TA corner. But for future reference, issues such as this should be directly e-mailed to the appropriate TA. Anything regarding something personal, like acquiring notes, that request should be sent to us to insure you get what you need in time.

        Here’s to you doing well on the test!!! 😛

  32. Tierene' Coleman says:

    I am having a hard time finding the test review that Prof. Solomon said would be one here. Could you point me in the right direction?

  33. kay tarleton says:

    I have a class until 7:40 tomorrow but I am going to get out early. I can’t do 7:15, but is like 7:25 ok?

    HI ALYSSA! : )


  34. Shannon Lehew says:

    I was wondering if I brought the Switch form to class today if I could attend tonights performance? I drive 45 minutes to class and I have a late class tonight so I could just hang around campus until the show. Tomorrow I am done early so I’d have to travel another 45 minutes back for the show.


    • brendanM says:

      Sure thing! We will actually have a switch list for students in predicaments like this in class today. For this event, Persepolis, and Chicago, we will have a switch list available in class prior to the event so students who have to work, have class, etc. can go to the performance on a different night. Check the handbook or send me an email for more information.

  35. Victoria Berry says:

    How do we buy our date’s ticket for the show on Wednesday? Can you buy the tickets at the door? Do they check-in with us? Can they sit through the discussion at the end of the performance as well?

    • brendanM says:

      If you want to bring a guest, you can buy a rush student ticket at the ticket office for $8.00 the night of the event. You will receive your ticket when you check in with us. This event happens to be general admission so seat number doesn’t matter. After check in there will be a short wait before the theatre opens for seating. People who arrive early will have first choice of seats (and can get seats with friends). This are great questions, I’m glad you asked!

      FYI: Before you arrive with your lovely guest, fill them in on protocol for attending performances– see handbook.


  36. Chelsea Staples says:

    for some reason i am still a little confused about this outside event this week. if i am in the t/th class, are we seeing the wednesday night performance? if so, do we still have class on both tuesday and thursday?

    • alyssajt says:

      You will attend the classes on Tuesday and Thursday and then your scheduled performance evening which would be Wednesday evening.

      Enjoy, and don’t forget to wear something nice, Sunday’s best or Business midi-casual.

  37. Margaret Cassar says:

    Are we supposed to dress a certain way for class at Gilmore theatre complex on Monday?

  38. Ernesto Jimenez says:

    Hi Mr. Solomon,

    I play for the soccer team of WMU and we practice every day from 5 to 8. What can I do with this performances because I can’t assist to any of it?

    Thank you,

    Ernesto Jimenez

    • brendanM says:

      This is a question I recommend you speak with Kevin Dodd with in person. You need to make it out of practice a few minutes early for the nights of the performances, the shows actually start at 8pm so you cann arrive shortly beforehand.

  39. Heather Ring says:


    I have class every thursday night until 8 so do i fill out that DEARTS switch/make-up request form and turn it into class so i can attend the wednesday performances??


    heather ring

    • alyssajt says:


      yes that is the proper protocol. Obtain a switch/ make-up form and fill it out, that way you can attend the Wednesday night performances in stead.

      You would do the same if you were to miss a test.

      We would like notice before a performance is changed/missed, the same with tests.

      You can pick these up from the TAs.


  40. Alexus Mendez says:

    When reading the syllabus i noticed that check in time for all the performances is at 7:15. I have a night class from 6-740. How will i be able to check in? I would be able to make it right at 8:00 but not at checking time :/
    What do i do!?

    • alyssajt says:


      If you are going to be late, or just on time to any performance I would suggest letting your professor know, and leave perhaps five to ten minutes early.

      Check in starts at 7:15 but it isn’t until around 7:57 that the TAs and the professors enter the theatre to take our seats. I suggest getting there before 8, that way you can get into the theatre with a ticket.

  41. brendanM says:

    Any students that have recently added the class are advised to contact me via email for the first day’s notes.

  42. Victoria Berry says:

    I work on Mondays and Wednesdays; I have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the times that the office hours are. Is there anyway I could work something out with you or the professors for office time if I need or want it?

    • brendanM says:

      Definitely- It should be noted I also have office hours by appointment. Therefore, whenever you, Victoria, or anyone else needs help at a time other than my office hours, just drop me a line and i’ll see what I can do.

  43. brendanM says:

    Ask away!

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