All That Jazz

This week is largely dedicated to our next performance of Kander and Ebb’s musical Chicago. Use this post to respond to both the preparatory classes and performance.
Director Jay Berkow talked about what makes musical theatre distinct from other art forms.

What is your opinion of musicals as entertainment?  …as art?
What types of artistry are evidenced in this production?
What effect did the performance have on your worldview?


105 Responses to All That Jazz

  1. Janelle Hueber says:

    I absolutely loved “Chicago”! I believe musicals create their own definition of art. It is the idea of color, dance, light, line, movement, and amazing vocal work that all tie in together to create an amazing spectacle. All of these aspects are identified in chicago. The light created the scenes, the colors assisted in identifying the important people on stage as well as to identify with the time period, the dance of jazz helped to identify with the time period as well. Overall all aspects of Chicago define it as a moving and singing work of art.

    This play really opened my eyes to how corrupt our justice system can be, now as well as in the past. The idea of being able to be acquitted for a horrific crime by knowing the right people, being coached on what to say, and having enough money is truly terrifying. What also is interesting is that a career and fame can be brought about by committing a crime. The media show the people what to believe and then the individual in the lime light has a face that people begin to recognize.

  2. Leigh Miller says:

    I thought the play was halarious. I thought the idea of having it in the round was nice. I’ve never seen a show that way but i think it worked very well. The actors were amazing too. They truley stayed in character the whole time like they were born to do their role, expecially the girls that played Velma, Roxy and Big Mama. Big Mama had me laughing the whole time. I loved when she got the crowd involved too. I would say that it was the best time i’ve ever had at a play before.

    The music in the background was also very good. It added so much to the play. Although im not really one for musicals i definetly enjoyed this one. The singing, dancing and fighting were all very exciting and i would reccommend the play to anyone.

  3. devon rose says:

    Having seen Chicago years ago in New York City on broadway it was an interesting experience seeing as how Chicago is usually not done “in the round” which gave it a unique experience for the entire audience not just the first couple of rows as if it would have been if it had been performed in the atypical production. I was impressed with the costumes of the characters seeing as how this was a university production which, in essence, guarantees a small budget. In saying that i was very impressed by the costumes and the usage of a minimal amount of props. I was also amazed by the sophistication and usage of lights, in attending the class before the play i was ecstatic that it worked so seamlessly. And since i was sitting at one of the tables the experience was a once in a lifetime.

  4. Jessica Gripentrog says:

    I really liked Chicago. I have seen a few musicals and this was by far my favorite. It was entertaining and funny. It was nice to see the cast involving the audience a little too. The performers were great! They sang excellent and took on everything that came their way. I was very impressed. I really liked the choreography. My favorite part of the musical was during the court case. Everything that happened was really funny. From the jealousy, to pregnant, to jury members. Overall I think it was an excellent production, and a great opening night!!

  5. Bill Butler says:

    Before I saw Chicago I didnt know what to think about how it would turn out but after the performance I really liked it. It was entertaining in many ways and had a talented cast that sing very well. I also liked it especially because I am from around Chicago and it was interesting to see its history of the 1920’s in a musical. I usually dont like musicals but this one was great. I would recommend this performance to anyone that wants to see a good piece of entertainment.

  6. Tyree Grasty says:

    This musical was a great work of art. I liked how in the musical how the actors were interacting with the crowd. That made the audience really get into the play. I think that musicals are a great form of entertainment when you are seeing it live.

    • devon rose says:

      I was sitting in the front and the experience and interaction with the audience was amazing, it made the humanistic experience of the play even more surreal. I would recommend sitting in the front to anyone who wants to experience the play in a whole new light.

  7. Brittani Beck says:

    I love musicals; I think they are always entertaining and never boring. I prefer them to regular stage performances. Chicago is definitely in my top 5 I have ever seen. I love the movie; I thought the performances in the movie were amazing. I ended up comparing the performance to the movie and I have to say I thought that it was just as good as the movie! The characters were so right on, the acting was exceptional! I was so excited that we were going to see this performance. The stage being open on all 4 sides was amazing! They used the area very well, I never felt like their backs were to me once. Mama Morton was my favorite character by far! Her acting was amazing; she was so entertaining I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Amos was hilarious, I loved it every time he was on the stage, he was such a great actor, and he played that part so well. This was by far my most favorite performance we have seen so far this semester; it was probably one of the best live performances I have ever seen.

  8. Armone Tyson says:

    I am not a big fan of musicals and usually try to avoid them. I did not think this was going to be that interesting as it was. I sat at a table on the floor and I truly enjoyed myself. The music was great and nothing sounded weird and like it shouldn’t of been there. The actors/actress where awesome i felt as if I was in a movie and was kind of apart of it. The sing was great Amous was my favorite. He really sold his character. Mama was really fun also. I am a lot more open to musicals because of Chicago. I am really considering going to see it again. It is totally worth the cost of admission and I’m going to try to get my friends to come along with this time so they can see it and get a good experience.

  9. Vince King says:

    For the most part I’m not really into performing arts. They usually bore me. I had never seen Chicago though, and I was pleasently surprised. The plot of it very easy to follow, and the content keeps your attention. I think sex and violence tend to do that. I was very impressed with the overall talent of the actors on stage. They all had to be able to act as well as sing. They also had to do some pretty complicated looking dancing and acrobatics. I would say that I enjoyed the musical. I was impresses by it simply because it held my attention for the whole 2 hours.

  10. zachary gunnels says:

    the Chicago musical was by far my favorite event we have attended for this class..i was excited to see this play because i had seen the movie prior to the show.. i wanted to see how the actors did in interpreting the story-line. the actors did a great job performing.. this was a great experience for me because it was the first play i have seen in such a small theatre like that.. but all in all it was a great show!!!

  11. Alyssa Empedrado says:

    I am a musical geek! I’ve been in my school musicals before, so since I didn’t participate in one this year I was so glad to have seen Chicago!! I saw the movie a few times so I tried to erase my perceptions of what it would be like, and I was still blown away! It made me laugh and it was just silly all the way around. I have tremendous respect for the actors because I know from experience, how hard it is to sing and dance and not sound out of breath. I loved how we were right onto the stage( I was sitting in front)so the characters would come up and touch me and interact. That was a great performance!

  12. Susan Nitchman says:

    I have to say that once again I was happily surprised at how awesome of a performance Chicago was! I enjoyed the music, the dancing, the looks on peoples face when the barely clothed women danced around the guys, especially professor Solomon. I was impressed at how consistent the acting of these actors/actresses was. They never seemed to be out of breathe even when they were dancing all around the floor, and singing at the same time. I was impressed at how flexible the men and women, especially were. It must have to take a certain type of person to do that sort of acting. I thought that all the different pieces of lingerie suited each actresses personality, and I thought it was interesting how each of the guys clothes suited them as well. The play kept me awake and alive through that awesome music, as well! It was really neat to have live everything at the play instead of recorded music/downloaded music from some other source. The play Chicago shows how dedicated people have to be to their career of theater in order to be successful, I thought it showed that there is a certain quota for certain play types. Obviously, this play required attractive men and women with decent bodies, flexible moves, awesome voices/acting, and a person to be in shape and fit. I had never seen the play Chicago before so I had no idea what to expect when coming to the show, all I had heard was it was a scandalous play with half-dressed women and some violence, but in the end I ended up loving it and would like to see it in a “big” city theater setting.

  13. Amanda Keller says:

    I have a lot of friends that I lovingly refer to as theater geeks who are always trying to get me to go see musicals…it has always seemed like a terrible idea to me but, no shocker I loved chicago. I can’t imagine anyone who saw it didn’t like it. The first thing that struck me as amazing was how strong and consistent the performers songs were. Holy dancing around the stage non stop and singing loudly and never losing your breath! My favorite character was for sure Big Mama because she was a raging pervert and dominated the stage. I really want to go see another musical to see if I like musicals in general or if Chicago and the cast just happened to be kick ass and an exception. It also cracked me up to see professor Solomon’s face as the scantaly clad women danced around him. Excellent choice of venue for this class!

  14. Caitlin Mathews says:

    I really, really enjoyed Chicago! It is one of my favorite movies and I think the actors did an excellent job of the interpreting the story line, all the dances, and mood/theme of true chicago jazz in the 1920’s. I love the two main girls Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. I thought both girls really put their hearts into their performance and obviously impressed the audience. The whole cast was phenomenal. After the musical I went straight back and put on the movie!

  15. Lukas Ayers says:

    I have performed in several musicals myself, during high school and such. But NOTHING like this. You could tell how hard those dancers had been working. They were great. I can’t imagine dancing with that much passion and emphasis and then having to sing too! I think most impressive was the announcer guy, he rarely got breaks. He had to dance, sing and then say his lines as the announcer. It was impressive. It was also nice to see the show’s “swingers” getting stage time. I’m sure they loved it as well.

    Also, major props to the lighting and design team! There weren’t a lot of props/set, so the lights basically were the whole set! It was all very well done.

  16. Brenna Schafer says:

    This was the fist time I’ve seen Chicago and I enjoyed it throughout the entire show. The whole cast was outstanding! I have never seen the movie but I have heard nothing but good things about it, so I was even more excited to see the show. I also enjoyed how the cast interacted with the audience, especially the “Big Mamma” scene. I don’t know how those girls danced around and sang as well as they did with the little amount of clothing they had on. That just showed me how talented they all were. It was by far my favorite performance we have seen yet!

  17. natasha herbst says:

    WOWZA is all i have to say! i sat in the front row and had an absolute blast!
    every single actor developed there character to the full extent and every single song was sung beautifully and danced with complete enthusiasm!

    i also want to say that i think that musicals are the best art form as far as i’m concerned, even though i’m biased. i love theatre and i think something that takes a triple threat like a musical is what shows true talent! to be able to sing, dance, and act is just amazing to me. then there is also all the art for the crews, with the costume, light, and set design. a musical is just one big piece of collaborated art from 100’s of artists, thats why i love it!

  18. alissa peterson says:

    i abolutely loved this play. Chicago has always been one my favorite plays and i think that this portrayal of the play was awesome. i especially like the way that the stage was set up, it wasnt too busy with all the props and backgrounds and stage crew moving everything around between scenes. you really got involved with that actors and actresses instead of paying attention to everything around you. how the audiance was set up on all four sides of the stage was something i really liked about it, you could see everything going on and no one was too far away so that the actors looks like tiny ants. the fact that the actors got involved with the audience too, i thought was awesome. it kept people interested and it got people a good laugh. i was wondering though, was that a play put on by students or was it professionals ?

  19. As I liked it says:

    This is what this show reminds me of: 🙂

  20. Timothy Carey says:

    I thought this play was incredible. The girls and guys in the play were awesome and so enthusiastic, which made me get into the play. I loved how it was old fashoned and I thought the plot was great. The play was serious but funny. All of the dancing and singing made me very interesting and into the play. Ithink that this has by far been the best play that we have seen so far and everyone involved did phenomenal.

  21. Jon Giove says:

    I really enjoyed Chicago last Thursday. I was anxious to see how the performance would fair “in the round”. I liked how there was something going on everywhere, not only in the middle of the floor but in the corners. The lights and music really worked well to complement the play. The costumes were great. My favorite part of the play was how the actors interacted with the crowd. It seemed to immerse me more into this world they created. I was blown away when the Guy dressed like a Girl came out and just layed it down…what a voice.

    I like watching musicals and think that there always very entertaining and a Fun form of Art. Musicals bring together a lot of aspects, lights, music, dancing and costumes. Each part alone at times is its own form of art but when you combine all these you get something very special. I think Jay Berkow did an awesome job putting his own spin on Chicago.

  22. Brad Kenrick says:

    I loved the performance it was great. I watch the movie that came out recently and did not really like it at all I think like the say the musical live is always better than the movie. The theather they used also was sweet I didnt think ther was going to be enough room to do anything but that kind of seem made for this muscial it spices up the play a lites u see all sides of the actors making it more realistic. I really enjoy this

  23. Phil Koutras says:

    I couldn’t believe how good chicago was. To start, I loved the story line and I loved the fact that I was able to follow it easily which made it much more enjoyable than something like “As You Like It”. I thought the actors were incredible and how they changed their voices to make their accents was incredible. The lighting was amazing and I really enjoyed meeting the cast before so I understood about how all the lights work and how they are used to turn our attention to different places. Overall, my favorite part of “Chicago” was the very last dance. I couldn’t believe how the two girls were able to dance that way. The way they moved and twirled their canes was awesome, it really made me think I was at an old-fashion club.

  24. Tierene' Coleman says:

    I thought that this was crazy sexy and cool! The costumes were classy and not slutty!I definitely see this kind of performance as art and entertainment.I believe in order to call something art it has to be creative, out of the box, and keeps you in tune with what is happening in the world! This was all of those so kudos to Chicago! The type of artistry that is evidence in this performance for me was dance and song! They blew me out of the water for every scene they are amazing actors and very talented. This particular performance made and impact on me by opening my eyes to see that we really do make criminals super stars they get alot of attention and stardom by doing wrong, breaking the law and socking it to the man! I loved chicago and if I knew that it was going to be this good I would have went by myself mandatory or not.

  25. Susan Ellis says:

    I absolutely loved this performance! I had seen the movie starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellwegger, and Richard Gere in theatres a long time ago and enjoyed that very much, and seeing it played out live was just amazing! The actors’ energy and effort really showed and I was so happy I could see it. I liked this play so much, I wouldn’t mind seeing it more than once. I have never seen in a play in the round prior to this, and I think it made me appreciate the great ability of the actors’ performances even more, since there were few props to pay attention to. At times, it felt like we were on a street corner witness some big event as it was happening. The songs were awesome too! I really liked the one where Roxie is being interviewed by a lot of reporters, and Billy Flynn has her sitting on his lap like she’s a puppet and talks for her.

  26. AJ Roberts says:

    Chicago is one of my favorite musicals to begin with so I was super excited to see it. I also just really love musicals in general so I’m always game to see one whether it be on Broadway or a student production.

    Aside from the great song and dance numbers that make Chicago such a fun show, it also really makes a good point about society and how we are always looking for the better, more scandalous story to put in the headlines. Roxie steals Velma’s thunder and then has the same done to her during her trial with the double murder outside the courthouse. We love to give people their 15 minutes of fame but for the most part once it’s up, it’s up. It also makes a point about what it takes to be considered “famous” in our society. People are so drawn to scandal…I mean, look in any line at the grocery or drug store. Racks upon racks of magazines and tabloids who’s entire business/livelihood is based on digging up dirt about celebrities and important people. Even look at the paparazzi. Their job is to take pictures of famous people walking their dogs and getting coffee, but they really bring in the big bucks when they have some sort of shocking picture that will stir up some sort of controversy in the news.

    I really liked that Chicago was performed in-the-round. Last year I went with my brother to a play for one of his classes (I can’t remember the name of it) and it had the same set up. I love that it allows for more interaction with the crowd and makes the audience really feel like a part of it. There was interaction in As You Like It but it definitely had a different feel to it. The actors broke the fourth wall at times, but for the most part were removed from the audience up on the stage. The set up for Chicago allowed for a more intimate setting and really made you feel like you were in a smokey bar watching these people perform. I think all of the actors did an amazing job. I loved Amos, Mama, and Mary Sunshine for sure! It takes a lot of courage to get up there and do what they do night after night and I applaud them for that. Thanks to all involved for a great show…I’m going to see it again and I can’t wait!

    • Kendra Kerbs says:

      I really enjoy watching musicals and Chicago has also always been one of my favorites. I was so excited when I learned that we were going to be seeing it. I have always loved the movie but being able to see it live was incredible. I thought that it was very well performed and it was exciting to watch. I think that the actors were amazing. I loved the interaction between the actors and the audience, this made it very entertaining. I also agree with AJ, watching this performance in the round made the audience feel like part of the show. As I was watching the performance I did feel like I was sitting in a smoky bar watching them perform. Overall, I feel that Amos and Velma were my favorite characters. I thought that Amos’ character was very entertaining. I thought that they both did an amazing job. I found it interesting learning everything that went into the production of the play. For example, I never knew how much collaboration was necessary between the lighting designer and the custom designer. I hope that sometime in the future I am able to see Chicago again.

  27. Mick Balanda says:

    Chicago was a highly entertaining show and I am glad I got to see it with this class. While the show was great, the thing I found most interesting was seeing it in the round. That was new for me in terms of seeing a peformance. I think it is interesting that the Williams Theatre can be set up in so many different ways. The theatre set up provided a very dynamic view of the action and was very well done. I am glad to have been able to have this experience, and am interested in seeing other performances in other different from normal theatre set ups!

  28. candie jepma says:

    My opinion of musicals as entertaiment is it’s thee most fun people could have.I believe going to a play and experiencing them is breath taking, my personal cardiac arrest. It’s much more personal than simply watching a movie considering you feed off of the actors enthusiasm and they feed off of your energy. In Chicago the actors were completely into their scenes, and played with the audience getting them involved in different ways. This was exceptionally entertaining they made sure the audience was involved, and I think that’s necessary for a good show. Plays I think are a very unique form of art, because it’s not something that you can hang on a wall to enjoy anytime. Plays are ephemeral which make them really special. It takes a lot of people and talent to complete and execute a play. Each and every person adds their own special twist to the art of a show. Especially in Chicago the actors had to learn how to dance and sing ( and sing well) which from what they were saying it’s extremely hard to do. That I believe counts as art not to mention skill. All together I thought the play was a success it was fully entertaining and had a few funny moments 😀

  29. Jamie Henry says:

    I LOVED the performance. I felt that it was executed beautifully and was immensely entertaining. The actors were very concious of their audience and used a great deal of interaction that kept my attention. I loved the gutsy amount of sexiness in the play as well, but couldn’t help wondering if all the elderly couples in the audience felt the same way.

    • Alex Jones says:

      Hahaha! I wondered the same thing about the older people but I absolutely loved the play. I was a fan of the movie, and I loved how closely the two were related as far as performance goes. My favorite character was Velma, played my Kayla Peabody. She did any excellent job at bringing out who Velma Kelly really was, and the choreography of “Cell Block Tango” and “We Both reached for the Gun” is what I think kept the audience interested in the story. I also like the character Amos, played by Sam Ramirez. He made us “feel” for poor Amos Hart when he performed Mr. Cellophane. In all, I think the whole cast and crew deserve a big standing ovation for their performance, because it was a show well worth it.

  30. Andrea Terenzi says:

    Chicago was amazing! I am so glad we got to see that performance. I think it was the best performance we have seen so far this semester. It was everything I wanted it to be. I only had seen the movie prior to this performance and I have to say seeing it live is 100 times better! I loved how they involved the audience. It made things A LOT more interesting, and it also got the audience more into it I think. Kayla Peabody (Velma) and Sarah Waalkes (Roxie) did a fantastic job! I overheard someone saying that Kayla (Velma) has never sung before I’m not sure if that’s 100% true but if it is she sure did an amazing job busting out those notes! My favorite song they did was definitely Cell Block Tango and I Can’t Do It Along. I would go see this performance 10 more times if I had the chance! I want to thank and congratulate all the performers for such an amazing show.

  31. Alex Freeman says:

    The musical Chicago was by far the best performance of the year! It was a fun and sexy show that you would have to be crazy not to love. I particulary loved the power that the girls emulated, it displayed the roaring 20’s well. Their voices made the songs very believable and although I was very turned on by their beauty, they had me believing they could really be the scandelous dancers they were portraying. I’m glad I got the chance to sit at the tables and be part of the action! Great work by everyone involved.

  32. OMG. It was break taking. This is my favorite movie and to see it as a play was truly awesome. Before seeing the play we talked about the production as a class. that made me appreciate the play a lot more. I found my self looking at the lighting and seeing where he wanted the focus to be at at that time. I also looked at the costumes. They were fab-u-lous. Since im a dancer myself, i watched closely at the moves of the dancers. i think that was my favorite part.
    The interaction with the crowd was amazing.

  33. Nicholas S. Morrall says:

    Chicago is an amazing production.
    My girlfriend is one of the leads, Roxie, and seeing the production come together is an amazing thing to watch. The time that these performers put into the production is mind blowing. not only are they attending classes all week and rehearsals at night, but they come home from rehearsal and run lines until they fall asleep.
    I thought everything about the performance was great; the casting, the choreography, the lights, the music. Everything came together so well to make for an amazing performance.

  34. Benjaminn Davis says:

    As someone that has never been to see “Chicago” and not interested at all going to the show, I was completely wrong in my thoughts of how the show was going to be. I absolutely loved the show and all my friends thought I was crazy and something had happend to the real me because I talked about it all weekend to everyone. I think all the actors/actresses were amazing and they really drew the audience in by all the interactions they had with the people in the front row. Overall this show was my favorite and I don’t know if anything for the rest of this semester can change my mind on my opinion.

  35. Matt Krzeczowski says:

    I thought that Chicago was a very well done and exciting play. Right away they grabbed my attention with their very scandlous costoms to the way the stage was set up. I found that theatre in the round was very different from what i am used to but i really enjoyed having actors and actresses come from any corner of the stage and be able to move freely through out the theatre. My favorite part of the play was the court scene. I really enjoyed being able to look all around the stage and something different was going on all over the place. All in all i really enjoyed myself at Chicago and i would suggest seeing it to anyone.

  36. Sarah Crisp says:

    First off the preview of Chicago made me a little more excited to see the play, however they explained wayyy toooo much. I literally was struggling to keep my eyes open. I really liked Chicago, at first I was not excited at all to be at another play on a Thursday night but me and my friend Alex actually really liked it. It was just my kinda play, it was raunchy, sexy and pretty much badass. It made me wanna put on some stilettos and dance around. The actors and actresses were so talented in many ways- they all really got into character. I ran into one of my guy friends and he was like “yeah i am sitting in front row and i’m so glad that i did” haha. so i’m sure all the guys enjoyed it… The actors were all really good but now i kinda wanna watch the movie just to see what it was like. One of the most exciting parts was the free food after.

  37. Gillian Kozminske says:

    I thought Chicago was by far the best performance we’ve seen yet. The singing, dancing, and acting were all really great. One of my favorite parts of the whole piece was that it was performed in the round. It was my first time ever witnessing a performance in such a unique way. As for the actors, I though they did a phenomenal job. Each character seemed to be very involved in the play. It was nice having been able to talk to the director and choreographer to see what they ha to say before the performance. They both did an excellent job with their work. I found myself paying more attention to the dance pieces and how they fit into the acting.

    Also, watching Chicago, gave me a really interesting perspective on the city Chicago during that time. It’s amazing how corrupt judicial systems were as well as prisons, and people. Overall I had a great time watching it, and would definitely see it again.

  38. Katelyn Graal says:

    This performance was amazing! I was nervous when first went in because the stage looked so small so I wasn’t expecting any big dances or anything, I thought they would just do little steps but they didn’t. I felt they really felt comfortable with each other, it looked like they were all in sync together and really knew their stuff. The voices were amazing, they all talked loud and clear and each put their own personality into their role and kept referring to the audience to keep us into it. I felt they all did an amazing job and I would love to go see another performance by them!

  39. Andrea Herrst says:

    I felt the importance of light, and how it was a significant type of art used. The way the lighting could affect the mood of the scene, and at times make it dramatic or even comical I thought was very interesting, especially the way light and music was used with Amos Hart. It was awesome how comfortable the actors were with each other and their moves, some of them were just really amazing to see.
    Overall I was really pleased by the performance, I wasn’t sure what to expect before the show this was my first time ever seeing Chicago and I enjoyed the story and the humor. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like having so many different directions to focus on because of the way the seating was, but I think that added to the overall affect and I was very impressed.

  40. Mitchell Wither says:

    When I saw in the course book that we were going to see Chicago, I didnt really know what to expect. I have heard about the movie Chicago, and seen the cover of it but never really watched or learned about what it was. After the performance wednesday, I wish I watched that movie.
    I have to say that this was a great performance. Not just because of the sexy ladies all around, but how each character did so well and all the lines they had to remember was astonishing. I dont know how they do it but their performance was great. I really liked how it was old school Chicago too, like when the mob was around, it was cool. And I have to say that this is my favorite musical now. I am glad I went to see it

  41. Melissa McChesney says:

    I wish every performance we had to go see was exactly like Chicago. It was absolutely breath-taking. Everything, from the dancing, to the music, to the costumes, everything was amazing. I loved every minute of Chicago, i thought the performers did an outstanding job! I have seen a lot of musicals and this was by far the best performance i have ever seen. I loved how the dancers just flowed all together, and the male dancers weren’t scared to just express themselves. I thought the class before was a little boring, but i would love to have a theater class with that professor, just because he is so fun and upbeat. All in All i hope we get to see other performances with just as much dancing, it was my favorite part!

  42. Max Piontkowski says:

    I was completely shocked at how much I enjoyed watching this play. With this being my first experience with the play Chicago, I had no idea how interactive the actors were going to be with the audience. However after being completely violated by “Mama” I was prepared for anything to come. The set up of the theater “theater in the round” was brilliant for this play. the choreographer seemed to make every side very even. It was interesting to see the actors use the vaughn’s so every angle could see what was happening. The costumes were excellently misleading. A few audience members did not even realize that the girls were wearing skin colored tights. They were also disappointed when i broke the news to them.

    • Damond Smith says:

      Hey Max. I see you said after Mama violated you, you were ready for anything. That was something that I continued to wonder during the play, did you feel uncomfortable or not? I’ve never really been to a play where the actors interacted with the audience. I wondered were there any individuals who disagreed with being touched or were embarrassed by being put in the spot light? If so, I clearly understand why. For me, besides the hot young ladies acting,their involvement with the audience is what kept me “on my toes”. You never knew what to expect next. Also, no i didn’t know those were skin colored tights. They really fooled me!

  43. Cesar Gonzalez says:

    I only have to say one thing, in my opinion this is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. Throughout the whole play I was very enthusiastic. There was not even one time that I could say the play was boring. From when the play began until I left I have no words to describe how interesting, fun, funny, and beautiful this play is. I would say that everything was well organized. The choreography, the theme, the music, the dressing, everything was perfect. It is worth the while and if I could go again I wouldn’t think it twice.

  44. Brittany Siemik says:

    I’d never seen the musical “Chicago” before we went as a class but I must say, now I have some interest in seeing the award winning movie. I hadn’t seen it previously, because I’m not really a fan of musicals.
    I’ve seen musicals like “Grease” and “High School Musical” but “Chicago” is where this genre beings to cross out of main-stream society.
    Chicago was an incredibly entertaining experience because of its level of detail. The music, dancing, costumes, and sets all made every scene very engaging. I don’t know if I personally would consider it “art” but I can clearly see how one could in a different definition of the word.
    Chicago overall was a lot of fun to attend. It did not alter my world-view on anything, nor my definition of art–but it did help me to understand how one could hold these beliefs.

  45. Rob Kern says:

    I never thought that I would like a musical, but I have to say the performance was awesome. I had watched the movie and I didn’t make it all the way through it. Seeing Chicago live is a real experience, the actors really draw on the audience to perform. My favorite characters were Amos, Mary Sunshine, Mama, Mama was right on cue, I thought her performance was the best of the night, I also think her singing ability is tops. Mary Sunshine’s performance was quite awesome as well, I think the cast was very lucky to find him. Not many guys can sing like that, he as far as I’m concerned had a tough part to play. Amos was a funny character as well, I like how he played into the audience, he created an atmosphere as if one was along side of his character. I can’t think of the young ladies name who was playing one of the leads, wow did she have a voice. I felt she put a lot into her character. It also looked as if the cast had a lot of fun performing this piece, all I can say is they really pulled it off. I’m glad I’m taking this class this semester.

  46. Jessica Ladd says:

    From the classes leading up to this performance I wasn’t that excited to see it. But the performance was amazing. I loved it. I think the womens characters were created very well. The little details gave it a lot. I think this show showed a lot of artistry. It had amazing actors and they also danced. The lighting was well-done and the actual play was well scripted.

  47. Damond Smith says:

    As far as the actual performance, I have never experienced such. I’ve been to a musical before, but not one as good as that one. When you think of a musical you think of a bunch of jolly people singing music, sort of an boring vibe. But this musical kept me up. My favorite scene was the ladies who had killed their husbands. I couldn’t think of anything but their song, You shouldve been there,you shouldve seen it” all night. That sucked. But, i very much enjoyed the play. The actors were hot and that kept it intresting. I liked the actor who played Amos too. He kept the crowd laughing with his humiliation. I wouldve took a date to see Chicago thats how intresting it was to me.

  48. Damond Smith says:

    We have went and seen a few different types of performances but none as good as Chicago. I’ll begin by commenting on the preprepatory class for the performance. When the director, Jay Berkow, talked to us about the musical I wasn’t that intrested or exiceted I should say. He talked about how girls were going to be dressed up sexy and how the show would be full of action. I heard him, but i didn’t really think about just what he was sayin at the time.I can recall Professor Solomon saying genteleman sit in the front, but i didn’t quite know what he meant by that (lol). After seeing the performance I now know. It was action packed, fun, and exciting. The actors did a wonderful job.

  49. Lilia Alvarado says:

    Surprisingly I really enjoyed the musical Chicago. I’m not really the person who likes musicals or watching theater but I did like watching this. I went to the play not knowing what to expect because I have never seen the movie or plays about it. So afterwards I was able to say that it was good and that I liked it.

  50. Kelli Hayman says:

    Musicals to me are a great form of entertainment. Some musicals can be long and drawn out but “Chicago” ep me alert and waiting for what would happen next. The lyics to its songs and the effects by the live band help to give a great visual of the performance. I had never seen the play or the move “Chicago”. The play made me want to see the movie.

    The play “Chicago” incorporated singing, dancing, and acting in a beautiful way. I’m sure this is a theatre students dream because they could use all the art forms they have learned to put on such a great production.

    The affects of the movie seemed realistic. Sometimes woman do get off of crimes easier than men because they use their assets to persuade people to believe their innocence.

  51. Sarah-Ann Golden says:

    Musicals to me are entertainment. There is singing dancing and usually laughter. It is a way for someone to present them-self in a different way of light. Hairspray is one of my favorite musicals along with the sound of music.
    The musical Chicago, showed that women are are very strong and like things to go there way even if it means to lie. The women in the play I feel had to dig down deep in their bodies to pull out some of that anger in order to play their roles. The dancing was very well choreographed.
    The characters in the play were able to show their own side of art by the singing and dancing and even role playing. The play showed me that the world has come a long way since back when the play was first wrote/performed. prison is a lot different now than what it was and people aren’t as worried about having their name in the paper as they are about being set free. All in all I enjoined the play.

  52. Ernesto Jimenez says:

    I really have no words to describe this musical. I cant imagine this same play at a bigger theatre with 2000 people watching it. It was incredible, and I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of going to plays and musicals, but this one was incredible. I loved it. The mood of the play, the actors, the dancing, the setting, everything was so good that I cant explain. I think that what made the play even better for our DEArts class was all the details that the choreographer gave us, that took sense during the play, made the play so much interesting and made me understand everything about it. I think the actors did a great job. The lawyer and the two main girls where incredible. I hope I can see this play again at bigger auditorium.

  53. Amber Sharnowski says:

    I’m really glad we got the chance to visit with some of the cast and director before the show, because I had no idea how much work went into these things. It made me appreciate the musical even more. I’ve never seen the movie Chicago, or any other musicals. But I thought the actors did an excellent job. I knew exactly what was going on throughout the whole thing, even though a majority of it was sung.
    I remembered the director saying that a good musical will continue revealing the story through song, which I noticed to be true. The costumes, the lighting, the acting, everything was excellent. I would have liked to attend this musical even if it wasn’t required for DEARTS.

    • Tamara Spradlin says:

      I also have never seen Chicago and was happy to visit with the cast and director before the show. It has been nice to be able to see sneak peaks of what will be happening when we see these shows. I have never seen a broadway performance before. I have a feeling that the differnce in performances in New York on broadway and the performance we saw on Thursday night are the same. Meaning the performers at western are just as good or better. I had a great time.

  54. Maria Tannah says:

    I was extremely excited to get the chance to see Chicago. I have seen the movie multiple times and I have also seen it on Broadway. It is one of my favorite musicals! I have been to a lot of theater performances however, I have never been to an arena seating for a show. At first I thought it would be weird to watch a live show in that type of setting, but once the show started I quickly changed my mind. There was always something going on and there was always a different angle to look at this way. I could really see the diagonals being used like the speakers had talked about the previous day. I used to be a dancer and I can’t imagine choreographing for this type of stage; covering all angels and making it look equal would be very difficult. But overall, I absolutely loved going to this performance, it kept everyone interested and I think everyone really enjoyed it.

  55. Katharine Elder says:

    Where to start! I absolutely loved watching the play Chicago. It by far is my favorite performance that we have watched thus far in the class. Throughout the entire performance, I was never bored. Having the performance in the round was an excellent idea. The audience was engaged with the performance and the actors throughout the entire play. My first impression of the size of the stage was that it was way too small. In fact it was quite the opposite. The size was perfect! It allowed for the audience to feel as though they were actually in Chicago. It also allowed for everyone to have a up front and close view of the performance.

    One of my favorite parts of the performance was the singing. I knew almost every song prior to the performance because I am a big fan of the movie Chicago. The actors/actresses did a wonderful job singing and dancing at the same time. It was obvious that much time and practice went into this performance. The emotion that every character put into the performance was truly amazying. I also loved all of the costumes. They were fun, sparkly, and very appropriate for the time age of the roaring 1920’s. I liked the performance so much that I told my friends they had to go see it! Mama and Amos were my favorite two characters!

    • Chelsea Staples says:

      I feel the same way, the performance was phenomenal! I was totally cheesin’ through the whole play because I was enjoying it so much. The amount of talent and stamina that the actors/actresses exhibited blew me away. The songs required enough energy as it is not to mention the high intensity dancing they were doing.

      The casting director is brilliant. Every actor/actress went above and beyond bringing their character alive. I can’t even pick a favorite.

      This performance exemplified art in so many ways. The dancing, singing, and all around stage set-up blended together beautifully.

      I think I may even go see it again 🙂

  56. Alexus Mendez says:

    I absolutley loved Chicago. It was so easy to understand and kept the audience entertained. With the smaller stage, the actors/actresses could engange with the audience more. It amazes me how they can have anough energy to sing and dance. You can tell that they put a lot of dedication and hardwork into the performance. I would definitly see this play again 🙂

    • Jeremy Inklebarger says:

      I agree with this statement fully. I thought that all the actors did an amazing job and kept me entertained for the entirety of the time I was there. I was also impressed with the use of the audience and certain ‘jazz’ specifics used to keep our attention. Also I would like to say that I believe the actor that played Amos did an outstanding job. I thought he was the funniest and I really sympathized for him.

  57. Katie Krafft says:

    I really enjoyed watching Chicago. It was fun and entertaining. That was the first time that I had seen any form of the show.

    I consider musicals a great form of entertainment and to me entertainment is art. They have all forms of art in them like dancing, singing, acting, and even interacting with the audience.

    It really is amazing how they could do all the choreogaphy and still belt out the music. Not once did I hear someone breathing heavily while singing or talking from having to dance while doing it. It was a great show and all the performers did an excellent job.

  58. Lance Brown says:

    My family has the DVD of Chicago and the one time I tried to watch it, I went to sleep within the first 2 minutes of the movie. Even though I slept a large portion of the film I do remember a lot of singing. I really never thought of watching the movie again or even seeing the musical in my life. When the musical was first mentioned in class I hoped and prayed that I didn’t fall asleep again. This time around I really wanted to see Chicago for what it was and not just the background music.
    As soon as I saw the pre-show I knew I would make it to the end of the show. I was amazed by the technology of the lighting quos, and room design. I was shocked when the light designer had full control of every light in the room with one remote. Then when the actors did all those complex moves while singing, I knew it would be no sleeping this way.
    Going to go see the real show later that day I knew it would be a sight to see. The previous things didn’t mean anything to viewing the full show. It was amazing how they created the story with barely any props. The dancing was taken to another level. Also it was crazy how I felt the emotion of some of the characters. But overall the musical was wonderful, I told friends to go see Chicago it if they had the time too.

  59. Nicole Bair says:

    It was AMAZING! I was worried when I saw ‘the round’ and how small it was. I didn’t think it was enough space to handle such a large production, with a large cast, but they made it all work out beautifully! I also wanted to mention that I had to BEG my boyfriend to go with me, but the second it was over he was the one that wouldn’t shut up about the performance!

  60. kay tarleton says:

    I’ve always loved Chicago despite the fact that I’m not really a fan of jazz music. For anyone who hasn’t danced in a bra before, it can be rather strange at first so I was glad to hear no one had any trouble getting used to it.:)
    I liked the idea of the play being done in-the-round because, like the said, it helps drag the audience into the musical and helps with interaction. I feel it’d be the hardest stage to preform on though because there is no hiding for the watchful eye; everyone is in the front to someone. I thought it was hillarious when “mama” started petting my hair!
    I love musicals that push the limits like Chicago, Rent and Moulin Rouge that mix sex appeal and contemporary/popular music forms with the theatre world.
    The only 2 things that I didn’t like about this version of the musical in particular were: the fact that there were no jail cells during cell block tango with sexy shadows dancing, and the fact that that song coulda hand more “umph.” Some of the other people I talked to agreed on it. The dancing was nice for the most part during the song but i would have liked to have a little more put into the “six” and “lipshits” parts. The chairs, at times, I felt were a bit distracting when they were flipping them around.
    Outside of those two things, I really enjoyed it, Velma and Amos were especially great. 🙂

  61. Chantal Marie Perez says:

    I loved it!! my favorite was Amos in Mr Cellophane He did it perfect!! for me he was the best one in the performance!! I got a little dissapointed with the girl how played Velma she was a good actress but not a good dancer as I spected her to be, the matron she was amazing!! We now that when you do performance there is always someahings that doesn’t goes at we want to but I think that All of them made a really good job. There was a girl who act and dance really good the girl with the red hair, she was amusing in the cell block tango I totally belive her!! uuu something that i didn’t like that at the end in the movie velma and roxie us like a gun at the end and i don’t think the should cut that off.

  62. Abdulazeez Gobir says:

    I realize that in this class that the latest performance seem to be the best. After attending the shakespeare performance, I thought it will be the best performance that I will attend in this class.But after attending the Chicago performance, I immediately rated it as number one the rated Shakespeare as number 2 and the Dance performance as number 3.

  63. Kristen Collins says:

    I am surprised to say that I enjoyed the play more then the movie Chicago. I have seen the movie many times and I do love it, but I found the play more entertaining and engaging. Even with the audience on all four sides the performers never missed a beat and found a way to perform for everyone. I know that was due to the directing and choreographing but the actors did an amazing job following through. I loved the lights and overall look of the performers but I was more impressed with the fact that the performers could do the choreography while singing and do it well! I did find it hard not to compare the play to the movie but even in doing this I enjoyed the play more!

  64. Susie Arendt says:

    I have never been to the Chicago musical or seen the movie, but I loved Chicago! I was really excited to see it especially after going to class Thursday. The director, actors, light designer, and costume designer were so excited and enthusiastic about Chicago. After seeing the Cell Block Tango rehearsed in class I was even more excited to see it. I usually don’t like musicals very often but this one was so interesting and actually kept my attention instead of me being like, “ohhh crap they are singing again?” I loved the choreography and all the singing! Their voices were so powerful to be able to even sing like that and dance around as well! The actors were so talented. They even did many great gymnastic like moves that surprised me. The lighting and music were perfect. I really liked how when they were supposed to be in the jail, the lighting got darker and had “bar-like” designs. I believe everyone enjoyed this performance, they got a standing ovation! I was really surprised to see so many elderly people there, but I am sure they really enjoyed it. I am so glad I went and saw this performance!

  65. Kalyn Skupin says:

    When I first looked through my DEARTS course pack, I was extremely excited that we were going to see Chicago. I hadnt seen the actual musical, but I absolutely loved the movie. When I went to class the monday before, it made me even more ecited! The way the choreographer explained how he didnt want to have the same dance moves as the movie really intreaged me. I came into this experience expecting a musical very similar to the movie and that is not exactly how it took place. I love how he wanted an original feel to the very popular musical.

    When I went to class in the actual theater, I was shocked at how small the stage was! I couldnt imagine how they were going to fit so many people in such a small area and not have it look chaotic and messy. Of course my lack of faith in the choreographer was short lived when they performed the cell block tango shortly after. Even in that tiny area, they looked amazing.

    As for the actual performance, I thought it was amazing. I loved how the cast got the audience involved. I have a ton of respect for their physical stamena. To be running around the stage dancing and being thrown around, and still maintaining a beautiful voice is absolutely amazing! I also really enjoyed the lighting effects. I have to admit, I probably wouldnt have noticed it much before, but having listened the how detailed the lighting was and how hard they worked on it, I paid more attention to it. It really was brilliant work. They knew exactly what to do to keep my attention exactly where they wanted it to be. The last thing I really enjoyed about this was the live orchestra in the upper corner. Usually they are in an orchestra pit, so it is easy to forget they are even there, and that it could simply be a soundtrack playing. I loved actually seeing them performing. I give them a lot of credit.

  66. Victoria Marcus says:

    One of my absolute favorite art forms are musicals. I have personally been involved in them since being a child as well as having a family member who is a professional Broadway actress.
    I admire the hard work and unique abilities that each one of the actors and crew possess.
    The performance was well done (outside of some sound difficulties). I had never seen ‘Chicago’ before and it was definitely fun!
    Great job to Jim and all!

  67. Steven Betten says:

    I really enjoyed Chicago, I thought it was very well done. There didn’t seem to be any major mistakes and the whole thing was great. Also I thought that the stage was awesome how it was set up. Also I liked seeing things from the perspectives of the 1920’s. It really brought you to a different time. While I was in the theatre, I sort of lost track of time and let myself just enjoy the play. It was a great play and I would even see it again.

  68. Lidia Lopez says:

    Amazing! My opinion of the musical I saw yesterday “Chicago” was truly fantastic. I loved the emotion in each character. I acually felt I was in Chicago at the time. It felt so cool to watch the show live and not through a television. I loved how the stage was perfect enough for me to be close to the performers.

    During the performance, I thought about what the directors told us about how hard it was for the performers to dance and sing at the same time. Well, what I saw yesterday while they were dancing and singing, they made it look so easy to do, which was part of the whole performance, but I know that it took a lot of practice to master that. I really give each performer props for the hard work and fantasic show they gave to the audience.

    Musicals as entertainment in my opinion are a way to express your freedom. It is a way to have fun and enjoy yourself.

    All in all I felt I was part of the performance because I was so close to them, I saw the magic! It is honestly the coolest feeling ever!

  69. Patrick McConnell says:

    I love this performance! One of the reasons I took this class was to increase my awareness to the arts. I’m not saying the other performances were bad, but they did not open my eyes like “Chicago” did. The uniqueness of the venue really helped to train my eyes…. With the audience surrounding the performers it really added a deepness to the performance. I also notice how much work goes into each and every performance. Also the musicians were completely amazing!

  70. maha alghanim says:

    the show was extremely entertaining, I simply loved it ! the girls were amazing and acted really professional. the lights, orchestra, the singing were wonderful. Chicago is the best show I have seen in this class till now.

  71. natalie block says:

    Before the performance I really wasn’t that excited at all. I’m not a big fan of musicals, and I hadn’t seen Chicago. I had heard it was good, but didn’t care to see it. Talking about it in class, made me dread the performance. The class though, the day of the performance, really changed my perspective. When all of the girls came out to perform the skit “Cell Block Tango” it really made me excited! I had no idea what this play was even about, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that! I was a little nervous though about sitting so close to the performers.
    I enjoyed the play a lot. I was a fan of the scenes with actual conversations instead of the solo singing (even though everyone did a great job). I took the risk of sitting in the front and was very glad. I felt more connected to the performers and enjoyed watching it so close. I was very impressed with how well the men and women could sing while still dancing and performing.

  72. Jorge Padron says:

    Before today’s class period i never really knew to much about Chicago. I’ve obviously heard about it and todays class period just helped learn about the show and what it’s about. I was really excited to see the show tonight and I had an awesome time with it. This musical is something that I’ve never been to before and I didn’t want the show to end. The whole cast did an excellent job and they are all extremely talented and I knew that they were having fun watching us watch them do what they love to do. The show was full of comedy, drama and sexiness and every one who contributed to the show deserves alot of credit. I’m thinking of going back to watch it again just because I enjoyed it so much. It was easily the best performance that we have gone to this year and one of the best that I have ever seen. The choreography was excellent and so was the site, the lighting and the costumes and something that I had a good time with.

  73. Alex Fabian says:

    I really enjoyed the class today because we got to see what really happens behind the scenes. I never actually knew, or I guess really thought about how much work and preparation it takes for a productions such as “Chicago” to take place. I’m really glad I got to learn how long and hard they work, because I don’t feel like the people behind the scenes get as much appreciation as they deserve for all their hard work.

    As for the play I though it was magnificent. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. From the beginning Ive been excited to see “Chicago” because I’ve always heard great things about it, but it blew my mind. All the actors and dancers are so talented and from the beginning to the end the performance was amazing. There weren’t any dull moments, in fact most the time I wasn’t sure who to turn my attention to because I didn’t want to miss any part of the show. The show was hilarious, and I was able to believe and connect with each character.
    I’m also amazed that I went to school with some of the performers and I never knew how talented they were. The show left me singing, and I would recommend this show to anyone.

  74. Michael Sinning says:

    Having seen Chicago several times before, I have to say that this was one of the more enjoyable performances. Jay did an excellent job directing the show to compensate for the in-the-round set-up. The show was quite interactive and had a few quirks to it, which helped to keep everyone in the audience engaged in the performance. Also, having done theatre lighting for plays an productions in high school, I can respect the tremendous amount of effort that was put into the lighting for the show. It is already somewhat difficult for a standard theatre set up, but it had to have been much harder for this. Overall it was very well done.

    • Heidi Heystek says:

      I appreciated the light tech explaining all the steps that it took for his job alone and the applause that was given. There are so many behind the scene jobs that add to the total performance that most never even think of. My husband is a sound tech, and it is very true that the audience doesn’t know you exist unless something goes technically wrong.

  75. Ben Wells says:

    I was able to catch the second show and I even got to sit at the tables. I was really able to get into it more than any performance so far. I even had a sexy lioness “interact” with my leg; try not to be interested when something like that happens! lol

    I loved the music and how dirty and fun it was (I’m tempted to pick up my old trombone and try to learn a thing or two right now) and the choreography was constantly entertaining. When the press and Roxie were acting like puppets, I was laughing my butt off at how symbolically clever it was. The court scene was so full of allusions, I missed half of them. And Kudos to the band, while I’m at it…

    But what got me the most is how easy it was to sympathize with such characters. Amos Hart was perfectly pitiful and everyone was just so raw and unpolished. Written on paper, they’re not the kinds of people I would find much sympathy for, but they just sort of snuck up on me somehow.

    Good story. Good cast. Good directing. Good music. Good night.

    • Brandon Kozlowski says:

      I personally could not agree with you more, Ben. This show had some great acting, and they way we are supposed to have the willing suspension of disbelief was of no trouble at all to me, because every actor and actress seemed to be perfectly cast. I now have a clear vision of how each character played a role in this corrupt mess, and since never having seen the movie, I almost do not want to. I am worried that the characters cast in the roles of Velma and Roxie will be destroyed for me, similarly when you read a book, and develop your own vision of the characters, only to have it ruined by a movie. This was so entertaining to me, and I can personally say it was the best show in my opinion for this class. I found it to be humorous, sexy, and entertaining in ways that theater should be. I am so happy I was able to see this performance, and as an added bonus, I rushed into the theater so I could sit at the tables, and the director was very honest, you get way more into the entire show, and to see a clear perception of the characters, and how their facial expressions match their emotions so perfectly, make the viewer almost forget they are acting. All in all, great show, I loved every minute, and I look forward to our next performance even more!

    • Taylor Xanders says:

      I was also very entertained by puppet scene. It was so funny when the lawyer was speeking for roxy and she had a ridiculous expression. Excellent acting by both the lawyer and roxy, and it was truly funny. I was also very impressed by the choreography, which suprised me. The press were in complete unison, the metaphor was so creatives, the most of all it was extremely entertaining. I applaud the choreographer. I thought it was interesting when he said he tried to stay away from the film, so that he could create works all his own. It certainly payed off. I havnt ever seen Chigago before, but I’m willing to bet that many professional choreographers would also compliment his work.

  76. Laura Nomura says:

    I really enjoyed the performance on Wednesday. I was surprised at how well the actors performed. All their hard work really payed off! I have never seen the Chicago performance or the movie so I had no idea what to expect. This was a performance I would definitely go see again!
    I liked how they interacted with the audience. “Big Mama’s” main act was one of my favorites. I was laughing the entire time. I thought that everyone did an amazing job and didn’t show one bit of exhaustion! I know that I would never be able to have the endurance to do all that dancing and singing with barely any breaks. It was very impressive.
    I would have to say that the ending act was my favorite. I like how everyone came together and performed. All of the actors have amazing talent! Everyone’s voices, acting and dancing was phenomenal. I also liked how the seating was arranged all around the stage. It let the audience see all aspects of the performance.
    Overall, I was very entertained and enjoyed the performance!

  77. Shannon Nash says:

    Chicago was by far my favorite performance that we have seen so far. It was entertaining and turned out to be comical at times. It was very evident that it took a lot of skill and endurance on the actors and actresses parts to pull off this show. All of the people involved in the show did a great job and made it look easy. In class on Wednesday there was a lot of talk about how the lighting helped to make the musical. When seeing the musical on Wednesday night I could see how this was so true. The way the lights hit the actors and actresses and the color that they were really helped to make the show great!

  78. Brendan Laney says:

    Chicago, in my opinion, needed the most amount of skill from all the actors and actresses in order to be successful. To sing and perform all while dancing and moving around has to be extremely difficult. Sometimes I take for granted the amount of skill each actor possesses while watching their performances. At times the musical was very entertaining and at other times I caught myself dosing off. My favorite person in the musical was Billy Flynn. He played is character flawlessly and he looked so natural. Overall, I very much enjoyed Chicago. The cast was excellent and put on a great show. I can tell every person involved in Chicago worked very hard and gave it everything they had.

  79. Katie MacDonald says:

    Attending the prep class the day of the performance makes me appriciate the show and the artisitc abilities of everyone involved with the productions to an extreme. Its very interesting to see how much hard work and skill is used that is not evident during the actual show-where everything looks very smooth and “easy”. I never respected actors and actresses as much as I did after seeing the girls perform to the cell block tango for our class because it was then that I realized even as someone with an unshy persona it would be very difficult to transform into such a believable character but those girls were able to do so very well. They seemed to have no fear when dancing and singing so upclose to the audience which could be very uncomfortble/nervewercking.

  80. Chloe Rogers says:

    At the beginning of the semester, when we found out that we were going to go see Chicago, I was really excited. I love and have seen countless musicals, put on by professionals, and I have to say that this one kept me just as intrigued as any of the musicals I have seen put on by professionals. All of the characters were so brilliantly portrayed by all of the actors. The actor who played Amos was, in my opinion, amazing, and I wish he would have had a bigger singing part in the musical. I wish that the fire alarm hadn’t gone off during class yesterday, because I wish we could have heard more from the actors who gave us the preview of cell block tango. Thank you and a job well done to all of the performers last night, and good luck with your upcoming shows!

  81. Adam Poole says:

    I have seen a good number of musicals live and in movies, and i am a big fan of pretty much any musical, but there was a lot I didn’t know about musicals. I enjoyed listening to Director Berkow tell us about the history of musicals and how alot are different and how some are very similar.
    I am extremely excited though to see Chicago, having seen it at Miller a few years ago, and seeing the movie, I know how different the movie and the actual play are. I think that what makes seeing a musical a little more fun than the movie version is how different it is done on a stage. For me, the ,I guess, fun part is trying to figure out how a musical I may have not seen in theater but have seen the movie version is how it is done with stage setup, the lights, scene changes etc. Seeing a show that has so many different scenes can be done with just a stage and not the magic of Hollywood. I know that Chicago is a GREAT SHOW and I think a lot of people will enjoy it, even if it is just for the “sexy ladies”.

  82. Abdulrahman Gobir says:

    I really-really like chigo, Because the girls were so sexy, I mean I can’t believe seeing those hot girls dancing in-front of everything in such a sexy way. I really had a good time, which I am pretty much sure everyone does as well.

  83. Eileen Keaty says:

    i saw the performance tonight and thought it was absolutely amazing. The actors/actresses were unbelievably phenomenal. Chicago has always been one of my favorite musicals. My parents showed me the movie when i was little. Me and my sister fell in love. I was nervous coming to see the play tonight because i didn’t want it to change my opinion on it. The performance exceeded my expectations. They portrayed the characters very well, and i loved how they incorporated the audience a little bit into the play. It kept everyone intrigued throughout the whole thing. Thanks for such a great performance!

    • Laura Brakhage says:

      I agree with this completely. I believe it was extremely well done being that I already had my view on what the musical Chicago is. The actors did a wonderful job in such a difficult musical. I was extremely impressed and loved how they incorporated the audience as well. It provided entertainment, drama, and laughs which I believe is a fantastic way of showing art. It was a wonderful performance.

  84. Melanie Borden says:

    I was kinda sad to read that a most of the people above think musicals are cheesy and not art. Sure, some are campy and silly, but a lot of them dramatic and have strong messages, and are great works of art in my opinion. They are very entertaining to me and something I enjoy seeing over and over again.
    I am very excited to see Chicago, I was saw it in New York City last April and loved it! The music and dancing was just great.
    Director Jay Berkow had some very interesting information and I’m looking forward to Thursday. What was most interesting for me was how he explained what “swing” was. I’ve been reading programs for years and I’ve always wondered what that meant, now I know!

    • Amanda Keller says:

      I agree its sad that people think of musicals as cheesy but I can understand where that thought may come from. You have been to musicals before and know what they are about but this class is also for people to experience the arts that may not have been exposed to them before, as is the case for me and before I got informed on how a musical does present serious and deep content but in a fun and light way I thought musicals were cheesy. I think that thought, at least in my case, came from not understanding or being familiar with any musicals. If all you see is dancing about and the humor but don’t actually watch a musical your perception of it can be inaccurate. Thats why this class is a class. It does change peoples judgements on things and gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy things we might never have known we would enjoy. I’m super excited and open minded to experiencing this and hopefully other musicals and I’m sure at least some of the other people who thought musicals were cheesy will have a newfound enjoyment of them.

  85. Shelby Date says:

    I’m actually really excited to see this play. I’ve never seen Chicago the movie or play and I’m glad my first time seeing it will be in play form. I was actually very interested about them talking about it in class. I’ve never really thought of musicals as art just because they are too cheesy to me, but I’m open to having this opinion changed. They are a fun take on entertainment, but I have a hard time getting into them unless I really like the music. Actually “Glory” from the clip of pippin that we watched in class was the first musical song that I really loved. I downloaded it and know almost all the words now. Although I don’t really consider musicals as a whole as art. I do appreciate all of the different art forms that are combined to create a musical play (the music, costuming, lighting, makeup etc.) My major is fashion design so when I see a play with really intricate costuming it kinda get me more interested.

    • Marc Lassiter says:

      I feel like I am on the same boat. I have never seen Chicago and am not a big fan of musicals. The music usually distracts me from the actual story line of the play. In class we learned that musicals were a very collaborated form of art, which surprised me because I also never looked at musicals as serious art (more music form). Also in my eyes musicals seem like a mega ADD type of art always switching from story line to music. Since I have never been to a real musical I am definitely going to stay open minded and see what I can get from it.

  86. Ben Martin says:

    As jay said there is going to be alot of sexy girls dressed with little clothing this performance should keep your interest. I have never been to a musical before so im glad my first one is going to be chicago.

    • Brandan McBride says:

      I’m defaintly looking forward for this play Chicago because I have to admit I have been enjoying the other ones so far. I think this will be an very interesting play not only becuase of the sexy women in dressed in little attire but because its a musical and its has kinda a evil twist to it. betrail is a common factor in this play.

      Can’t wait to see this performance. I think the guest speak we had in class kinda build up the momentum up for this play from how he explained it in class. Even the example where he had at the end of class with the girl and the boy act out a part to show how they build up the expense in the show.

  87. Chantal Marie Perez says:

    I am Excited too!! I loved the fact that in class we were talking about satires how we like to make fun of thing to make people realize how stupid or hard are and how some famaous people are famouse because the killed someone or because they mess with a famouse or and so on. Society today is so interest in scandals in the media, it’s true we rather to talk about what happen with Brad P., Angelina J. and Jennifer A. than politics.

    Let’s talk about Chicago,Im really excited because I had never been in a theather “in-the round” and I think is a really good start with the audience because when we get into the theater we’ll make a conection with the space, allowing ourself to be part of the performance even when is not yet started. Great I can’t wait!!

  88. Rob Kern says:

    I am getting my feet wet in the performance arts, but I curious how the play will be. I’m not into musicals but there have been some in the past I found very interesting. I have enjoyed all of the performances so far, and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  89. Katelyn Graal says:

    I also cannot wait to see this play, I have never seen it live before just the video of it but the songs tell so many different stories that I love it. I felt that the speaker today really informed us where all these musicals come from what stories need the songs to help inform us on what is going on and what is not. I never really knew much about the background of all these theaters and musical business so class was really interesting. I felt that the speaker seemed really enthused with what he was talking about, making me even more interested.

  90. Heather Ring says:

    I am so excited for this performance of CHICAGO tomorrow!! I love musicals and i have seen CHICAGO many times. I thought Director Jay Berkow did a great job connecting with the audience and also introducing the characters and plot of chicago. i was really interested with his talk on Vaudeville. It introduced a new term into my vocabulary that I never knew of before. The clip from Caberet was a great clip to show because it for sure got me excited to see Chicago tomorrow night.

    Something else that I am also excited for is the Theatre in-the-round. This will be great to give the audience a feeling as if they are there and it will be a more real looking show. Can’t wait to see what Director Jay Berkow has planned for us!

    • Shelby Rubel says:

      I’m also very excited to see chicago and I think most people are (even though its on st. patricks day). I think the director did a great job of clueing our class in on what will be happening in the play and the characters and plot. I had no idea this play would be anything related to wives killing their husbands, so that really surprised me.

      I thought the choreographer told us a lot of interesting stuff, and his job seems much harder than I thought a choreographers job would be. It seems like it would be very difficult to try and not take orignial choreography from the original and first Chicago musical.

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