As You Like It

As You Like ItKey: Top row, L – R: painting of Shakespeare, artist unknown, 1610; Cover illustration for As You Like It, Robert Huston and WMU Graphic Design Center, 2010;  Concert Champêtr, (Pastoral Concert),  Titian, 1509. Middle row: Rose Window at Notre Dame, Paris, completed about 1225 CE; detail from Bayeux Tapestry, unknown artisans, probably commissioned about 1070 CD; Greek theatre at Epidauros, 4th century BCE. Bottom Row: Elizabeth I of England, the Armada Portrait, atributed to George Gower,1588; Elizabethan dress; Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 8 August 1588, Philipp Jakob Loutherbourg the Younger, 1796.

This post serves to reference three classes and the performance:
“From Buonarotti to the Bard,” with guest Prof. Tony Ellis, Feb. 17/18,
“All the World’s a Stage,” with guest Director Jim Daniels, Feb. 22/23;
“Visit to Shaw Theatre,” Feb. 24/25, and the performance of As You Like It, Thursday night, Feb. 25.

In these classes, we concentrated on the historical, literary, and artistic dimensions of the Renaissance and Shakespeare.  Based on class and your previous experiences, what is your point of view on Shakespeare and his plays?  What do you like most or least about his writings? What points made in class have resonated most with you?  What more do you want to know about Shakespeare and his place in Renaissance art?

The show:  Surprises? Discoveries? Favorite parts, actors, design elements? How does Shakespeare’s view of love compare to love today?


90 Responses to As You Like It

  1. Brandon Kozlowski says:

    I had very mixed feelings about the play “As You Like It”. When I heard what era the director had chosen, I was very skeptical, because I felt like it had nothing to do with the Revolution, and my feelings did not change. The acting for me saved the show. I thought the actors seemed to actually enjoy their parts and their enthusiasm was extremely contagious. I actually at certain parts and I rarely do that with any Shakespearean play. I know those parts were meant to be funny, and I should have laughed, but most times, I do not find it to be laugh worthy. Yet, with this style of play, for the subject it was, it was entertaining. When they first started to interact with the crowd, I was very upset, I remember thinking, they are ruining Shakespeare, but yet, now that I have had time to dwell, they were trying to get the audience involved, and that is not a problem for my viewing experience. I’m just happy I was in a higher row because I didn’t really feel like having a complete stranger dressed in a red coat talk to me. Overall, I enjoyed that show, I like the director when he was explaining Shakespeare and the sonnets, but when it came to directing, I was not overly impressed with his vision. It was a great play because the actors were great, not because of the adaptation into a more modern style of the play.

  2. Mick Balanda says:

    I enjoyed As You Like It much more than I was expecting. It was also a nice surprise to enter the auditorium, open my program, and to see Joe Dely at the top of the cast list, who I went to High School with and we were both in our schools performance of Miss Saigon, with him playing the role of the Engineer. Megan Jacobson who played the goddess also went to my high school.

    As You Like It was performed excellently, and I was glad to see the play. I am not the most familiar with Shakespeare, only knowing his most famous works, and this was a new one for me. I also enjoyed how the time period was changed and the story still fit in perfectly. Seeing this performance was a great example of how Shakespeare is truly timeless. Langauge, however, is not unfortunately, and I found myself having to pay much closer attention to what was being said, but the actors did an excellent job of making every meaning clear.

  3. Mariah Kuipers says:

    The language in the play was difficult, but I would like to give a round of a applause to the actors, Celia in particular, for doing a fantastic job of acting in such a way that conveyed the meanings of the words more clearly to the audience. Without the excellent intonation and well thought out movements, the play communicated effectively and well.

    • Katelyn Graal says:

      I agree I did enjoy the play and I did have a really difficult time with the language but the actors were great I heard them loud and clear all of them. I did not like the scenery though, I felt they could have done something different to tell us more about where they were, what was around them. I absolutely loved that the actors brought in their humor to the play though I felt that it made it more fun and unique since some of Shakespeare’s plays could be a bore. Overall the play was awesome and I would go see it again.

  4. Kendra Kerbs says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the performance of As You Like It. I was surprised how comical and amusing the play was. I thought that it was fun and entertaining. I thought it was great that they put their own twist on the songs and that they were so interactive with the audience. I also really enjoyed the background and the minimal amount of props that the set had. This allowed the audience to focus more on the actors. I thought that the backdrop was gorgeous. The different colored lights on the grey fabric had a great effect on the overall atmosphere of the play. I think that putting actual trees in the background would have been predictable and not have had as strong of an effect as the gray fabric did. I thought that the actors did an amazing job and made it a very amusing and an enjoyable play.

  5. Adrian Bragg says:

    I thought that the play was very good. At first I was upset that it was right before Spring Break and I had to delay my plans to go home, but I enjoyed the play a lot and I am glad that we had the opportunity to see it. I really enjoyed how interactive the actors/actresses were with the audience. I actually was lucky enough to have one of the actors come up and sit on my lap and sing right to me, so that made the experience so much cooler! I was surprised at how easy it was to follow along in the play and understand what was going on, not to mention how fun the performers made the play to watch! You could really tell that the performers were having a fun time on stage which really helped the audience to have a fun time watching it as well. Overall I felt that it was a great play and I think that all the performers did an amazing job and they should all be very proud of their performances.

    • Brandan McBride says:

      I agree with Adrian 100% of the way except the spring break part didn’t have any plans. I thought the play was great, didn’t think I would be able to follow along the dialogue but the actors and actress defiantly helped out with that. They performed so well that we could understand what was being said and done by there body language. The singing part of the plays was hilarious. I feel that had great ideals just by seeing this play, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Shakespear was one of the greatest play writers ever. He should thank the performers for acting it out so well lol.. Great Job WMU performes!!!!!

  6. Raymond Allen says:

    I totally went into this performance with lets just say not high hopes. I knew that it was supposed to be a comedy, but i was thinking just how dry it was going to be. On the contrary I greatly enjoyed the show. It defiantly stuck to the original screenplay, (or so from what we were told) with being able to throw in some actor flavor to it. I found it very funny, even at its down points the play was still entertaining. Half way through the show Soloman decided to come sit behind me… so that was weird. I felt watched. lol. But it was cool how the cast and crew did a Q & A at the end of the performance.

  7. Phil Koutras says:

    As You Like it was a whole lot more appealing to me than the dance concert. I really enjoyed how the actors did their own thing and mingled with the crowd. I thought it was a great change of pace and a break from the play. Another thing I really enjoyed was that, unlike the concert, I could follow the story and I was actually excited to find out what was going to happen. I thought the end of the play when all the couples are finally brought together tied the whole play together perfectly. One of the main things of the play that was very appealing was the comedy within the play. Going into the play, I thought it was going to be a drama with nothing else besides that, but I found out how funny Shakespeare really is, especially during his time. The songs made the play for me. I thought the actors did a great job coming up with those lyrics to cover songs and make them hilarious.

  8. Rob Kern says:

    I forgot to mention that not having cell phones in this play made it more enjoyable for me, the last performance we attended a young lady was texting most of the time. This was very distracting and of course the light shining from the phone in my eyes didn’t help either. It’s hard for me to understand how attached people are to their phones. Is it to much to leave it for a couple of hours, back in the day phones were not as available as today, is someone going to carry their house around to have a phone attached to the ear? I know technology is a wonderful thing but I feel it’s carried a little to far.

  9. Rob Kern says:

    I enjoyed the play as you like it,the thing that kept me interested is that it was humorous throughout the play. There were a couple of dry spots in the play that made it drag, ant the dialogue was hard to keep up with. But all in all I thought is was very funny, the highlights for me was the songs used throughout the play and the girl who was fascinated with men, she was very funny even though she had no lines. The interaction with the audience was over the top in my opinion.Playing as one of the characters had to be hysterical, but memorizing the lines had to be tough.I never had chance to see a play by shake spear, after viewing as you like it I would definitely see this one again.

  10. kay tarleton says:

    While I have read and seen my fair share of Shakespeare, I don’t enjoy his work. I do appriciate him for his contributions to the literary/theatrical world, he just isn’t all that interesting to me. Sorry.
    What we learned about him in class was interesting though; I knew he’d added a lot of words to the English language, just didn’t know how many. Also interesting to hear that most Shakespearian scholars believe he did write all of his plays – I myself feel that some of his plays were written by a woman. I also enjoyed the exercise where we were putting emphasis on one syllable words and none on the multi-syllable words.
    I do prefer watching Shakespeare rather than reading him since he was supposed to be seen, but even then his stories were probably very typical to what others were writing about during at the time; he was probably the Harry Potter/Twilight of the old days – only with some actual writing ability, I was more hinting at the popularity of it.
    My least least LEAST favorite thing about Shakespeare has to be the over-used, over-referenced-to Romeo and Juliet. Not only is it beyond corny, these young teens are the poster children for all the future emos of the world; the story line can be summarized as “I just met you, I don’t know you at all but I love you and *whine* I can’t be with you *whine* so I’m going to run away and when I can’t have you, I’m going to kill myself *while*” I do not believe in love at first sight or that suicide is romantic so it just comes off as dumb to me. Now we have freaks like Taylor Swift singing songs about Romeo and Juilet being the greatest love story ever with “marry me Juilet you’ll never have to be alone, I love you… *something*…put on your white dress, it’s a love story baby just say ‘yes.'” Um…yeah, I just want to shake the whole quote “romantic” world out there and scream “it’s a story about two teenagers commiting suicide over people they don’t know and can’t possibly love!!!” So yes, that is my Shakespeare rant.

  11. maha alghanim says:

    I really enjoyed the play, though the accent wasn’t really clear to me , yet the performance and the actors did a great job. There performance was entertaining and interesting, they looked like professional actors.

  12. Caitlyn Potter says:

    I really enjoyed the As You Like It play that we went and seen, some of the things in the play sort of confused me such as some of the words they used, it all just kind of started to run together. I thinkk that Shakespear wrote thoes plays just for money and Entertainment.

  13. Susan Nitchman says:

    I thought that the play As You Like It was overall well done, I thought that the actors/actresses did an awesome job bring Shakespeare’s original play to modern day making it a fun play that was relatively easy to understand. Before I went to the play I was dreading going because I thought that it was going to be just another play of Shakespeare’s that I would not understand, and that I could not connect to, but I think that Jim Daniels and his cast did a fabulous job bring the audience into the play they had me engaged and enthused about the plot and various scenes. They were able to keep me lively, and content. I found the humor in the play amusing, one of my favorite parts was in the middle of the first half of the play when the actors did the combo of songs, and they went into the audience and song/danced to the music in peoples space, I found that hilarious. I also thought that the actors/actresses did an awesome job translating Shakespearean language to modern day tongue. They were able to use some Shakespearean language but I was able to understand for the most part what they were trying to convey. I think that the play overall was well-done and performed from the settings to the lighting to the acting it was fabulous. Nice Job Jim Daniels and Cast!

    • Victoria Marcus says:

      Shakespeare must have been an interesting character, and I appreciate his vast and complicated use of language.
      I wanted to define some of the scenarios that Susan was describing in her blog, which happen to be some of the terms we are to be familair with. The first is; willing suspension of disbelief- I agree that the director (our initial artist) and the cast (our recreational artists) did a nice job to draw the audience in to the story line. I also believe it was quite helpful to have the prelude visit to the theatre for Jim Daniels and some of his staff to describe the plot and various roles they had to further help in the overall understanding of the play.
      The other point that Susan made was in regards to the cast’s involvement with the audience. I believe the change during the performance presented a change in the “space.” We went from a physical relationship of a proscenium theatre presentation to an environmental one, where at that particular time, there was no distinction between the space of the audience and that of the performers.
      I believe the play also showed an example of “dramatic irony,” when Orlando did not know that the real identity of Ganymede was actually his beloved Rosalind.
      My personal favorite aspect of the performance was that of the “baroque” display of lighting and change in the “negative space” through the magnificent work of Patricia Nichols.

  14. Ryeasha Hester says:

    First off, I would like to thank Director Jim Daniels for making the usually difficult Shakespearean language easy to comprehend. Even though some of the words still had me confused I could still understand what was going on. I loved that this play used a bit of two other art forms in it. The singing and dancing was very entertaining and it was nice to hear some of the actors creativity. Another thing I was impressed by was the fluency of the actors speaking. I felt almost as though I had been transported back to the Elizabethan times. Overall, I loved the play. It was great. I’d love to see another Shakespeare play soon.

  15. Leigh Miller says:

    I have never really been able to comprehend shakespeare’s words so I really give the cast props for acting out the play so well and taking the time to help eachother understand their lines. There were some points in the play where things just seemed to move so fast that i got lost because i didnt know what they were talking about, but the way they moved and the gestures they used helped me get back on track. After watching the play i realized that i never knew how much of a comedian shakespeare was. He also had a suprising amount of sexuality in his plays. When some of the sexuality started showing up i thought about how women were not aloud to act in plays back then and how funny, yet awkward that play would’ve been if they put guys in for the female roles. Although i really dont care to take the time for shakespearean literature, I think the play went amazing and it was very entertaining to watch. I’m so glad the cast got involved with the crowd. Those little bits were definitely my favorite parts.

  16. William Becker says:

    i thought the play was awesome. at fist i found it hard to understand, but as the performance went on i thought the cast did a great job making sure they were understood. another thing that i really enjoyed was the cast’s interaction with the audience by coming off the stage. i found the musical creations in the play very creative and really kept everyone attention. congratulations to jim and the cast great job

  17. Immanuel Singh says:

    Shakespeare was never my cup of tea until I went to see this play. I thought it was very funny and had an interesting plot. I liked how they tried to make the play funny by putting songs and dance moves from the 21 century to make the play more entertaining for the audience. I think the cast is very talented and they did an excellent job portraying the message of this play. I also think Jim did a great job explaining the plot before we went to see the play. It made it much easier to follow the play because I definitely didn’t know what they were saying couple of times in Shakespeare’s language. But I guess words didn’t really matter that much to me because the actors did a great job portraying the message with passion and emotion. I felt I was in like Shakespeare’s era because it felt so real from their passion and dedication they put toward this play. I also thought that each cast member role suited them well and overall I thought it was an excellent play.

  18. Katie Brighton says:

    First things first, I LOVED IT. I was never a fan of Shakespeare in highschool, but it was just so easy to see is passion for poetry and plays. It was phenomenal! I also loved how the actors put their own personal spin on the play. It caught me off guard when they started to interact with the audience. It was a lot of fun. Even though the Shakespearean language is hard to understand, this play was sooooooo great at conveying the message.

    On another aspect the design of the backdrop what AMAZING! I loved how they set up the forest and the pathways, it looked so good. The whole design just really tied in with the play. I don’t really have a bad thing to say about As You Like It.

    • Kristine Burke says:

      I agree! I have always had a hard time really finding an interest in Shakespeare, probably because of the age that I was introduced to him at as well as my lack of understanding. However not only did this play open me up to seeing his work in a new light, I was also able to have soo much fun with the play. The way that Jim Daniels modernized it in someways also made it something more enjoyable for our age group I thought. Letting the students and actors relate to Shakespeare’s work to understand and interpret it in their own way, was very cool. I really liked when the group of boys put on their own little show during the play; I thought it was a cool little part that reminded us about the enjoyment and entertainment factor that acting and theatre has come from. I also thought it was a little funny during the questions after the play when someone commented they did that, because it almost sounded like they didnt like it. However I thought it was very clever and a fun. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the play and getting a chance to hear the “behind the scenes” from Jim Daniels.

  19. Timothy Carey says:

    I thought that the cast was great and the performance was fun. The only thing that i didn’t really enjoy was the language that they talked in, because i didn’t understand it. I liked when a couple of the cast members went out into the crowd, it was great. Most of the plays that i have been to haven’t kept me interested and they were boring, but this one was funny and kept me paying attention to the plot. Jim did a great job and his students were excellent and it was by the best play that i have ever seen.

  20. Katie MacDonald says:

    When the play As You like It first began I felt very unhappy, thinking it would be a very long night due to the face I had no idea what the actors and actresses were saying. Fortunately as the play went on the Shakespearian language became much easier to understand and to my suprise the play was quite enjoyable! The humor was entertaining and I really enjoyed the music and singing pieces in the play. The Actors were very talented when creating the musical performances encorporating songs recongnized by us (the audience) and still worded to fit with the play and renaissance era. It was also fun when the actors left the stage and came out into the audience for both the musical attributes and enhancing the script getting audience members involved with the flirt blonde girl and her fiance. Finally I felt that the stage was set up wonderfully. The “forest” looked really cool with the different lighting effects, and the stage space was used efficiantly. (when the fight scene occured and the man got pushed off of the stage everyone gasped! This made the fight that much more relistic)

  21. Sarah-Ann Golden says:

    I really enjoyed As You Like It. The way that there was some contemporary music added was a nice touch. The way the actors got involved with the audience was something I enjoyed because it showed me that they cared if their audience was having a good time. I have not been someone to enjoy Shakespeare because I have never really understood it, but they play gave me a better understanding. Reading something and watching the same thing you were reading are two completely different things. Seeing something first hand gives a better understanding about what the author is trying to get across.

  22. Victoria Berry says:

    Let me just say that the performance was absolutely phenomenal! The actors were great and I enjoyed the show so much that I did not want it to end. Jim Daniels is a great educator. After hearing his lectures and watching the show, my opinions on Shakespeare changed dramatically. It even made me consider taking a class taught by him because of how entertaining and interesting he is. This class is important to me because it forces me to go to shows that I would not normally go to. My eyes have been opened to so many more artistic expressions and talent. The actors in ‘As you like it’ were very talented and I am very grateful I had the chance to see it.

    • Shannon Lehew says:

      I also really enjoyed the show. I was a little apprehensive about a Shakespeare play, because what comes to my mind when I think of it is boring and hard to follow. Seeing the play has completely changed the way I feel about Shakespeare.
      The actors were fabulous and the musicians did a great job of entertaining me. I love a play that makes you laugh and I found myself laughing quite a bit.
      The set was amazing! What a great choice! I couldn’t believe how much the lighting changed the set. My favorite was when they made the set like leaves. Kudos to the brains behind that.
      I think that Jim did a fanastic job casting the characters. Everyone seemed to fit their parts well!
      I would just like to close by saying thank you for a great play and changing the way I feel about Shakespeare! Loved, loved, loved the play!!!!!!

  23. Kaila Koch says:

    After seeing the play “As You Like It”, once in high school by a traveling group, and then another time with our class last Thursday i must really congratulate Jim Daniels and his cast and crew. I believe they did a wonderful job getting the story line and plot across to the audience. Their hard work and dedication truly paid off. I found the play very easy to follow compared to the previous time i had seen it. It was very amusing to watch. The interaction with the audience really kept everyone interested in the performance. Another thing i really enjoyed while seeing “As You Like It” was the incorporation of modern music to help tell the story. The guys who played the instruments and sang were extremely talented!! Over all i feel Jim Daniels did a wonderful job producing one of Shakespeare’s well known plays.

  24. Kelli Hayman says:

    When I first started readying plays by Shakespeare in Hight school. I couldn’t understand a word that he wrote. I had to use the no fear Shakespeare version in order to understand. He would use the biggest most complex words just to say simple phrases.
    The play “As you Like It” was great to me. I am not a big fan of Shakespeare but the way Jim Daniels directed the play made it very understandable. I was alert and very interested in seeing what would happen next.

  25. Kaitlyn Kiessling says:

    While beginning discussion on Shakespeare and the Renaissance, I was not particularly excited. In high school I read through some of Shakespeare’s plays and found them completely frustrating to read, since the language varies greatly from today. I found the plays to be boring, but maybe that was due to the fact that I had no idea what was really going on. The class lectures with Jim Daniels and Dr. Tony Ellis helped explain Shakespeare and the Renaissance a little more clearly. After viewing “As You Like It” I felt like I actually comprehended what the play was about. I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the play. I think there is an incredible difference between reading and seeing Shakespeare. Being able to see the emotions and movements of the cast really helped. Before seeing “As You Like It” I knew that it was a comedy, but I didn’t think I would laugh at jokes from Shakespeare’s time. I was wrong. I found the play to be quite comical.

    After viewing “As You Like It” I think you can get an idea of how Shakespeare views love. The relationships in the play seemed to be nearly love at first sight. In the world today, I don’t think the majority of people really believe in love at first sight. I think people today tend to get to know one another a little first before they fall so deeply in love and definitely before they get married.

    • Dakota Senczyszyn says:

      Like Kaitlyn, I was also apprehensive when I discovered we would be learning about Shakespeare and would attend one of his plays. My english classes freshmen and sophomore years in high school were made extremely frustrating for me because we were required to read “Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet”. Throughout each of those classes, most students were completely lost when it came time to interpret messages, and even simple sentences by Shakespeare. Although my teachers attempted to break down the main components of each play, I was still lost. Luckily I managed to pass the classes, and I thought I was done with Shakespeare. Therefore, when I heard that we would be learning about Shakespeare and the Renaissance period, and would attend a Shakespeare play, I was nervous.
      However, I soon realized that Shakespeare can actually be enjoyable when exposed to in the right situations. After the class discussions with Jim Daniels and Dr. Tony Ellis, I grew more comfortable with learning about Shakespeare. These discussions along with class lectures about Shakespeare and the Renaissance made me more familiar and interested in the topics. Also, the discussions helped me realize that it was common to be completely lost when hearing some of Shakespeare’s dialogue. I found that mostly everyone is confused when they are first exposed to Shakespeare’s work. I appreciated Jim Daniels saying, “If you don’t get the language, it is OUR fault, NOT yours.” While saying this, he accepted full responsibility for any dialogue the audience of this play was unable to comprehend or hear. This quote from Jim showed me that it is acceptable and normal to be completely lost in the dialogue at first; but, when seeing a well performed Shakespeare play and having some background knowledge, understanding the play is feasible.
      After viewing “As You Like it” I understood most parts of the play. Discussions about the play, time period, and Shakespeare helped me grasp the concepts of the play, and made me more interested in all of it. I learned that Shakespeare had a sense of humor that could only be seen when viewers put a good effort toward learning about his views and writings. In addition, I became even more aware of Shakespeare’s outlook on love. Altogether, the play was the another step in the process of becoming more knowledgeable about Shakespeare and his works.

  26. Melanie Berg says:

    I happened to see ‘As You Like It’ three times. My first reaction was a strong dislike to most of the production. After the other viewings it got better, but there were some issues. First off I just wanted to say that I love Shakespeare, to me all of his plays and topics still ring true. His language is beautiful poetry. I also respect Jim Daniels, he is a wonderful director. Okay, lets get into the actual production. For it being a Shakespeare comedy, it wasn’t very funny. Most of the the laughs came from physical comedy, which was slightly funny. Jim broke the 4th wall many times. A lot of it happened toward the beginning of the show and twice towards the end. I think if you decide to break the 4th wall it should be more consistent. I found it to be more distracting than anything. When I first saw the show, I had no idea that it was set in 1775. I saw it before we talked to the cast. Once I knew that, the costumes made more sense. I thought there could have been more Native Americans in the show, maybe 1 or 2 more. My favorite characters/performers were; Jacques, Audrey, Celia and Adam. To me they made the show worth it. They were the most interesting to watch and they stayed active the entire time they were onstage. Their mannerisms were dead on, the way they walked, talked and carried things. It made me as an audience member really focus on them. Their character development was excellent. I didn’t believe Rosalind and Orlando’s relationship for a second. I was very much indifferent to me. I hated Touchstone, he is the fool and he was the least funny. Also, I have seen that actor perform before, he seems to act the same way in most of is performances Very underwhelmed by him. The lords were okay, not very impressive, I found them to be full of bad actors, but great musicians, except Charles, he was badass. I understand what Jim was trying to do, making it more appealing to the everyday audience. I think that they succeeded in doing that, but I found the performance to be adequate. I thought the scenic design was gorgeous, perfect example of levels, composition and height. The fabric provided the perfect material for the lighting design to paint with light. I thought the lighting was good. This first lighting look for the forrest of Arden was gross, but got much better. I HATED the fact that the cyc wasn’t lit until two scenes before the end. The second it finally came up in a cue it added so much more depth to the stage. It was stupid not to but it throughout the forest scenes. I thought one of the best looks in the show was Jaques exit. All of the lovers are downstage and Jaques is exiting off the USR ramp, he stops for a moment and looks back. All you see is his silhouette and his amazing 6’+ stature is dominating, he is also higher than everyone and found it to be my moment of aesthetic arrest. The costumes were beautiful and made very well. The one directing issue I had was the entrances and exits certain characters had at the same point on stage. An example is someone from the forrest is exiting up the USL ramp, but at the same time a member of the court is entering from the same place. I found it be very congested. No one else was entering from anywhere else, why not bring that character in from another point. He did this a couple times throughout the show. It just didn’t make sense to me. I hope these readers don’t take my response as rude, I have great respect for the performers and team involved in ‘As You LIke It.’

  27. Lilia Alvarado says:

    I enjoyed the play “As You Like It”.It was surprising because at fist I thought it was gonna be a boring Shakespeare play, but it was not. The crew made it fun with the crowd interaction as well as the little jokes and gestures made throughout the play. Although I could not understand some of the stuff that was being said i still liked the play.

    • Dana Pingatore says:

      I agree, i enjoyed the play “As You Like It” too. I was completely surprised by it. I didn’t think i would understand what they were saying but i could. I really enjoyed the fun little songs/jingles. I’ve been really surprised by both of the shows we’ve gone to seen so far and it kind of makes me look forward to the next one.

  28. Lance Brown says:

    I have always been a fan of plays my whole life, they are like real time movies. However I’m not a big fan of Shakespeare due to him being so common among people. Most people only recognize him as the writer for Romeo and Juliet, which is only one play from a long line of others. I don’t want to blame people for not knowing his other plays, its media’s fault for only shining light on only a few of Shakespeare’s pieces. I know a ton of information about Shakespeare through a bunch from previous classes, but this the first time I ever heard about the play “As You I like It”. This is really disappointing due to the opinion that the play is really delightful. I really enjoyed myself at the play, even though it was the first time hearing of such a play.
    What really impressed, me about the play, was the cast having there on spin on the roles they played. All songs were great and keep me wanting more. I was really excited when the actors came into the audience bringing the audience into the play. There overall performance made the play what it was.

  29. Abdulazeez Gobir says:

    Shakespeare has indeed set an unbreakable record by coming of with those words. I have been founding difficulties in reading his books and due to that I lost interest on his books. But with the aid of the event “As you like it”, I understood everything about.

    • Susan Whitenight says:

      I also have found Shakespeare hard to read, it takes a lot of time to find out what the words meant in his time period, and I’m into math not theater. However, “As You Like It” gave me an entirely different view on his plays. I expected the play to be a huge waste of time and dreaded going because it meant I had to wait to go home. Within the first few lines of the play though I knew it had been worth it. I never knew that Shakespeare was so humorous, I found myself laughing almost more than I would in a modern movie. I know that from now on I won’t turn a play down just because it is Shakespeare!

      • Jeremy Inklebarger says:

        I too find Shakespeare’s writings difficult to understand but the actors made everything make so much more sense..and in comedic fashion. This performance kept my attention and I was actually wishing for more at the end. I was far wrong with my original assumptions of being bored and I think everyone involved in this production did very well. Personally I would like to say that the lords and Touchstone were my favorite parts and made everything so much more entertaining, especially when they extended themselves into the audience which I found to be hilarious and extremely entertaining. Overall..I very much lived this performance. Good Job everyone

    • Andrea Terenzi says:

      I agree. I find Shakespeare very hard to understand especially reading it in a classroom setting. My junior year instead of passing out the book Othello my teacher gave us a copy of “Have No Fear Shakespeare” which on one said was Shakespeare and the other side was the translation. I found it very helpful so next time you decide to read Shakespeare I would recommend getting that just as a reference.
      I agree that the actors and actresses did a great job letting the audience know what was going on. I didn’t find myself lost at all. I enjoyed the play very much and I think they did a wonderful job. It was a lot better and funnier than what I expected.

  30. Janelle says:

    Shakespeare has always had a certain effect on me. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by his language, by his views on love, hate, betrayal, his view on nature, and the mysterious. But what truly fascinates me about him is how he was able to create this world that was born from his imagination and how he was able to bring it to life with such little resources and make his audience believe in him. His words have touched the souls of many for over four centuries, though today his language may be rough and unnatural to us the meaning behind them is what is so amazing. How someone could create so many new words to fit his exact meaning is beyond me, and the meanings have remained with them for as long as Shakespeare himself has been remembered.

    The discussions we covered on Shakespeare in class really pulled me in. I knew why he created the plays, but what truly stuck with me was wondering if he knew they would live forever, as he states his love will in his sonnets. They have survived over four hundred years today, it makes one wonder how much longer they will continue to fascinate and inspire.

    I absolutely loved the performance. It was full of word play, dirty jokes, and the full message that love can withstand any boundaries was clearly evident. The actors did a fantastic job and to learn that they had such little time to completely master the play was beyond me. What truly suprised me was the modern twist the actors had put on the play, such as when the “Lords” came out to sing to the audience just as if it were a modern day concert. What also amazed me and has amazed me through his works is Shakespeare’s true view on love. Today in the 21st century with the divorce rate so high some may speculate that we don’t even know love is, or that it is ephemeral (fleeting). We also may see love today as a process that takes years to create a foundation on which love can stand on. Shakespeare viewed love as kind of a lighting bolt, that hit you right at first sight and that would linger forever. No test of time could take that love away. It kind of makes you wonder why we view love differently and why it is such a stretch of the imagination of why love can’t last forever or that love at first sight doesn’t seem to exist.

  31. Kristen Collins says:

    I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this play. I normally do not follow Shakespearean performances but it was not difficult for me to understand what was happening. I am not sure if it was due to the modern twist on the play, which I enjoyed much, or the fact that Mr. Daniels, the director, explained the bases of the play the day before.
    “As You Like It” may have been a long play but I enjoyed the comic relief throughout the play. My overall favorite aspect of the performance would be the use of lighting on the gray, sheer cloth. I loved this use of the backdrop for the play. It was extremely creative and brought more dimensions to the play. I like the creative, dramatic emphasis it made, much more then building or using trees for the different scenes.
    The acting, directing, costumes, stage crew, background, and every other aspect made this play an entertaining success in my eyes!

    • Jamie Henry says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I typically do not enjoy Shakespearean plays for the simple fact that I often cannot follow them and therefore they bore me. This performance allowed me to gain a new appreciation not only for Shakespeare’s original work, but the brilliant new take on the piece which was brought out by the director and cast. I saw Shakespeare in a whole new light and am grateful to have been able to do so. In the end I wasn’t even bothered by the fact that I had to sacrifice a portion of my Thursday evening plans. Well done to the cast and crew.

  32. natasha herbst says:

    Just want to say how much i loved the performance!
    BUT… if it weren’t for mr. daniels giving the entire plot outline the day before, i would have been pretty lost with all the characters running around and having so many relationships.
    i also want to say how amazing the cast did, my favorite performer was rosalind, she was just the best at speaking and her facial expressions were always wonderful!
    other than that all i have to say is GREAT JOB CAST!

  33. Kameron Kampen says:

    This was definitely the first play that i have attended, and i was surprisingly very intrigued by the performance and all that went in to making it a success. The actors were phenomenal and there were but few minor mistakes in speaking in an otherwise very smooth verbal performance by the actors. The guys who took part in the dance portion were extremely entertaining and added a fun angle to the performance. The colors and costumes were also extremely detailed and added to the depth and dimension of “As You Like It.” The language and usage of terms that were common in “Shakespearian” times put you in a different setting and allowed us to view the play in the way that Shakespeare himself would of wanted.

  34. Alex Fabian says:

    Throughout the years of studying Shakespeare, I’ve always found his works very confusing and never really enjoyed them much. For this reason, I’m glad I got to see one of his plays performed, because I’ve learned a new appreciation for his work. I though the play “As You Like” it was very well directed and performed. The actors did an amazing job, and it was cool to see two students from my high school perform in it.
    I loved how they came out into the audience, because you don’t see things like that happening very often and it was extremely entertaining. I also though it was neat how they created their own music to go with the show. I also loved the little song they sang before the intermission, it was very creative.
    As for the play itself I thought that it was very funny, and even though it was written so long ago we could still relate to the events. It truly shows how brilliant Shakespeare was. I’m glad I had the opportunity to go and see one of his plays performed live.

  35. Vince King says:

    The main thing I was impressed by about Shakespeare was the fact that hundreds of words that are now in the dictionary were made up by him. That is really impressive to me. I also thought it was interesting that Jim Daniels made Shakespeare seem like a real person. When he said that Shakespeare wrote his plays mainly to make money, it made him seem more like a real person. Even though he was a genius of writing he was still like any other person just trying to make a living.

  36. Heidi Heystek says:

    The cast and crew of “As You Like It” did a wonderful job last night. I too appreciated the extra time that James Daniels took to break down each scene for our encounters class prior to the performance. He definitely loves what he does. The cast and crew worked very well together. The set was beautiful. I enjoyed the majority of the physical humor, it aided in the interpretation of the piece. The songs were very inventive. It was witty and playful as a comedy should be.
    As I watched the misadventures in the Forest of Arden there were subtle undertones that appeared from time to time. One of these undertones was in reference to what was called the “four humors”. It was a temperament theory that was thought to be developed by Hippocrates back in ancient Greece.
    Each couple on stage became one of the four types. A sanguine is linked to being an expressive artisan. A Choleric is a dominant idealist. A melancholic is an analytical guardian. A phlegmatic is solid and rational. Each humor is also linked to a different season, element and organ of the body. Hence, when “cleansing of the liver” was mentioned in the play between the two leads, Orlando and Rosalind, it was pointing to the sanguine that is typified as being hopeful and amorous. For back in Shakespeare’s day if you had too much of one temperament they would suggest cleansing the corresponding organ in order to “balance” the person back out. Somehow I don’t imagine that Orlando would have ever wanted that though…

  37. Katie Krafft says:

    What I like most about Shakespeares writings is the fact that he put so much work and thought into it. With all the double meaning words and complex sentences. I like the fact that you can interpret it yourself and somehow tie it into your own feelings.

    What I like least is the fact that if im reading more than a sonnet…its really hard for me to follow. The way they spoke back then is alot to comprehend at one time when you dont speak that way.

    What i liked most about the play was for sure the set. I loved the idea with the long gray sheets of material. The lighting caught it just the way that he said it would during class time.

    I dont really like shakespeare all that much because it takes alot to understand. But even though I didnt always know what they were saying in the play…i got the gist of it. I did enjoy the play, but it did not make me appreciate Shakespeare anymore. Shakespeare is just really not my thing.

  38. Amber Sharnowski says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty upset with the date/timings of this play. However, after watching it, it was worth going to. I thought listening to a shakespearean play was going to be horrible and that I wouldn’t understand any of the dialogue. But it was performed in a way that a majority of the play was well understood. It also helped that we went to a discussion with the director. Him talking about the plot helped clear up parts of the play i didn’t completely understand. The actors and actresses were very talented, and the dialogue was humerous. I really enjoyed it!

  39. Heather Ring says:

    I have to give it up to Jim Daniels, he did an amazing job on As You Like It. I never really have had a love for Shakespeare and tonight really opened my eyes to Shakespeare’s plays just because of this amazing performance by the actors, crew, and directors.

    One thing that I really enjoyed in the performance was the singing Lords. They made the performance so unique and entertaining, and they got the crowed laughing and cheering, and in my eyes that whats makes a great performance when the audience is laughing and having a good time.

    If I had to go see this play again I would because even though it was almost 3 hours, I had a great time and laughed a lot and that is what I personally look for in a performance.

    • Abdulrahman Gobir says:

      I totally agreed with you and I have same taught about shakespeare.With the help of the Director and Members, to read the shakespears book and be able to interpreted it in the real world situation, I can really said they did an amazing job. Also one thing that I noticed towards the end of the of the concert ” as you like” the title kind of goes along with the show, so I can concluded that they really did a perfect job.

  40. Melanie Borden says:

    I am not a big Shakespeare fan, but I think that is because I haven’t had enough opportunities to really understand what it is that he did. I also have a hard time understanding everything that he’s written. For example, though I enjoyed the overall story of Romeo and Juliet, actually reading it was not something I liked. Learning that he had created so many new words was very interesting, and shocked me, though now when I think about it, it doesn’t seem so surprising.

    I do agree with the others who said that Jim Daniels made As You Like It seem very appealing. I am very much looking forward to that performance. His lecture in class was great. It was the only one of my classes that day when my eyes weren’t completely on the clock counting down the minutes to when I could leave. At the end of class when we were discussing that sonnet, I didn’t want it to end. I was thinking, “No! Don’t leave, I still want to know more!” and that just doesn’t happen often with me, except for in this class- on several occasions actually.

  41. Chelsea Staples says:

    Man, so many Shakespeare haters! Haha, I think the guy was brilliant. As many of you, my first introduction to Shakespeare was rocky. I felt my teacher wasn’t comfortable teaching about Shakespeare or his plays because she, herself wasn’t excited or interested in the topic. Which made the whole unit drab.

    However, since then I have had the opportunity to explore Shakespeare and I am captivated by his words/plays. As Jim Daniels pointed out, Shakespeare sounds poetic even when he was insulting someone. His work is written differently than we are use too however if you “deconstruct” (10 bonus points for using a vocab word) it you realize the thoughts and emotions behind it are universal and relatable.

    I could go on and on. I will end by saying I am really looking forward to “As You Like It” tomorrow!

    • Candie Jepma says:

      I completely agree with Chesea. Shakespeare was a complete mastermind. It’s amazing that a man such as Shakespeare even exsisted, and some even doubt he was real!. I too took a class on Shakespeare in high school, but I guess the main difference for me and other students experience was my professor was totally into Shakespeare’s work. We deconstructed 5 of his most popular plays, watched movies, and even had to memorize a verse in a play (mine was the window scene of Romeo and Juliet which I can still resite thanks to my teacher). I had a blast in that class and once I finally understood what Shakespeare was getting at with his plays it was more fascinating. His tradgedies I think were the best. The way he uses his characters and gives them certain characteristics is unbelievable how he made them up. He had to know the “feelings” of each character and how they were going to react in situations brought upon them (male or female). Shakespeare makes it easy to relate to the characters for they have the same emotions (envy, anger, greedy, passionate) as anyone else.Some of the time the villain is the main character that people enjoy following for he is brilliant with his plot for revenge. Obviously, I’m a fan of Shakespeares plays and have already learned a lot about him. However, my main curiousity about Shakespeare is how did he know how to express these characters so perfectly! he knew how a girl/boy-men/women minds worked along with how rich/poor-important/servent-bright/dull people acted and thought. His arsenal of characters and use/ play of words is simply mind blowing. I think he was way ahead of his time period. So with that said I want to know more about him personally-what his life was like, how did he learn so much about people, how did he construct his plays. Of course most of my questions are impossible to answer unless we traveled back in time and asked him in person, but it’s always intrigueing to wonder. In conclusion I can’t wait to see As You Like It again tomorrow 🙂

  42. Steven Betten says:

    I think that shakespeare was very good at what he did. I liked how he was trying to make money and be entertaining. He may not have been trying to make a ‘moving play’ all of the time. What I like most about his writings is that he made up words. And also he spelled some words differently to emphasize different points. I would like to learn more about the words that shakespeare makes up.

    • Shelby Rubel says:

      I agree with what Steven says. I have never actually been into the whole Shakespeare scene, But its so interesting to learn that Shakespeare has made up so many words that all of us use to this day. Also that in this day, in Shakespear plays, The plays are made for contemporary audiences and the actors job as a performer is to make sense of what is being said, especially because many people aren’t interested in Shakespeare, let alone going to the theatre in general.
      Overall learning about Shakespeare recently has made me rather excited to see “As You Like It” tonight, even though it is the start of spring break.. Meeting the director of “As You Like It” and knowing his fun personality, gives you a taste of the show thats happening tonight.

  43. Sylvia seklecki says:

    I remember in eighth grade learning about the renaissance, our whole school made a big thing about it where people would dress up and talk as if they were in the renaissance age. I personally did not like it. The language is hard to understand and I never know what Shakespeare is actually talking about. His words can have so many meanings to it that one person can think of something and in reality it meant something completely different. Out of all the plays I like Romeo and Juliet the best. In class, Jim daniels got me interested in the play As you like it. I have never heard about this Shakespearian play before, and it seemed to me that the actors tried hard to make the audience understand the meanings of everything, and hopefully I can understand it when I go see it tomorrow. One thing that I did not know before about Shakespeare was that he made up 1,700 new words. I really want to know if that is true because I do not really agree with it. How could he make up that many words and put it into our dictionary. Also, did he only use most of his words into his plays or were other words used too?

    • Tony Ellis says:

      I have found many of the blog postings on _As You Like It_ very interesting and am grateful to have access to some of these post-class conversations. I have noticed that some of you, like Sylvia and Mitchell, are skeptical that Shakespeare could have invented so many new words. One thing we should remember here is just how young and flexible a language modern English was in 1600. There was not even anything resenbling a comprehensive English dictionary until well into the next century, and thus no authoritative source that decided for everyone what counted as an acceptable word and what didn’t. Very different from today, when your professor can rule on matters like these and circle made-up or misspelled words on their students’ papers! Given this fact, and considering Shakespeare’s creative genius, it’s no surprise that he exercised the freedom to coin so many new expressions.

      At the same time, Sylvia and Mitchell may have reason to be skeptical, too. Typically, when Shakespeare is credited with coining a new word, that simply means his usage of it is the first known occurrence in all extant English texts. But the fact is that most early English texts have been lost, discarded, burned in fires, etc. I attended a seminar once where a Shakespearean scholar estimated that for every English Renaissance manuscript or book we possess, there were 100 or more now lost that we know nothing about. So, in many cases Shakespeare’s “new” words likely appeared somewhere else first, in sources no longer traceable. Even two of Shakespeare’s plays did not survive, and he was a popular author (we know the titles of these plays only). For example, when Rosalind calls Orlando a “patheticall break-promise” late in the play, that’s the first known (and maybe the only) use of “break-promise,” so it’s credited to Shakespeare. But who really knows if he picked it up from something he was reading?

      One more thing: in the past decade, the growth of electronic databases–and the ease with which they allow us to do computer searches for word occurrences–has led to the attribution of some words formerly thought to be Shakespeare’s invention to other writers. Nonetheless, he DID invent many of them!

      I hope all of you enjoy the play tonight, and thanks again for having me in your class.

  44. Jorge Padron says:

    To begin with I am not nor have I ever been a fan of William Shakespeare. He’s works are just not interesting to me and I have alot of issues in understanding the text. I do have to admit though that the man was a genius. The fact that he had a vocabulary of 36,000 words is mind blowing and it’s hard to even think of knowing that many words. Also I do respect the fact that his work is still very alive in today’s society and he is a big reason why theater is what it is today.

  45. Jessica Ladd says:

    I do not like Shakespeare’s writing simply because I don’t like taking the time to interpret what it could actually mean. After it is brought into todays terms his writing is very good. I do enjoy Shakespeare’s plays. I think they’re easier to grasp because people are acting and you don’t have to rely on the language to understand.

    I took a theatre class in high school and learned about Shakespeare but for some reason I never grasped that Shakespeare wrote his plays for money, which led them to be mostly for entertainment. Most things I recall relate his plays and writings to his life and how they may reflect on certain aspects like his love life.

    I am looking forward to this play. Jim Daniels makes it seem very entertaining and worthwhile. I think it will live up to my expectations.

  46. Susie Arendt says:

    The guest speaker we had yesterday, Jim Daniels, was by far my favorite guest speaker. Just by listening to him you can tell he loves life and loves what he does. He was so interesting, funny, and enthusiastic about what he was talking to us about. He actually made history and Shakespeare very interesting. I usually dislike history and I find it very hard to be interested by it, but he was so eager to teach us a little about history I wasn’t bored at all and I was actually having fun learning about it. He had some amazing facts like how Shakespeare had a vocabulary of 36,000 words compared to the average person’s 2 to 4,000 words. I also found Shakespeare’s curse words to be very funny. I have seen some Shakespeare plays in the past, and they confused me and I didn’t like the plays that much. But after hearing Jim Daniels speak and be so enthusiastic about history and Shakespeare, I am very excited to see “As You Like It.”

  47. Lindsay Follett says:

    I really enjoyed the speaker we had in class yesterday. He was very interesting and really showed his passion for Shakespeare and the theatre. I have had some experience with Shakespeare in the past, but no one has explained his writing and vocabulary as well as the speaker did yesterday. I also liked how he showed us several tools that we can use to better understand Shakespeares writing and vocabulary. I am looking forward to seeing “As You Like It” tomorrow now that I have learned some more background information on Shakespeare.

  48. Sarah Crisp says:

    The speaker we had yesterday was by far the most interesting, he was a very funny and cute little old man and his passion for shakespeare was very obvious. I could just tell that he loved what he does. I was really surprised to see that shakespeare has actually coined so many terms and words- after studying him in high school I had not once learned that. I have read a great deal of his plays in high school and once I understood them i actually liked them, however i had to get past some confusing parts. One of my favorites is a midsummer nights dream. In class we saw the play and the movie. I actually really like the movie and had no problem understanding what the actors were trying to say even though they were still using shakespearean talk… going back to class yesterday I actually understood the sonnet fairly well before he broke it down, but i really enjoyed how he did that because it shows the true beauty that the sonnet is to people that didnt understand. I believe that reading sonnets kind of forces people to think more abstractly rather than SO literally about everything and i find it beneficial because it really brings out the creativity in people- as well as broadening their vocabulary. I’m excited to see the play, it have never heard of it.

  49. Lidia Lopez says:

    The speaker we had got my attention more than any of the other speakers. He had me at the tip of my seat just because I wanted to hear what he had to say. Learning more about Shakespeare was so intresting to me. I love his plays and his vocabulary. The one thing I love about his writings is that he is more unique than any other writer I have read about. He had his own style. People try to copy him but can never duplicate him ever. There is nothing I do not love about Shakespeare’s writings. Sexuality is something we as humans love to about talk about and of course read about also. So of course all his romantic writings became so popular but then what work of his did not become popular. I learned from our speaker also that Shakespear wrote some of the most horrific plays ever also. Some of them were worst than Chainsaw Massacre. How deep did Shakespeare go? I really think that if any one who is a fanatic about plays, writings, poems and basically wants something different should study this mans great life and writings. More that I would like to know about Shakespeare is maybe something no one can answer for him, but I just would love to know, what would have he become if he never wrote his writings and everything he has done? Would we still know about him? Would he still be the great man we all know today?

  50. Katelyn Graal says:

    I am very excited to see “As You Like It”, we actually had the play done at my high school by a group of performers. I loved it, we actually have them come each year and they do a different Shakespeare play each year. Because of that our English teachers always concentrate on Shakespeare a lot. I thought I knew all there is, I have never been good at reading just as we talked about in class but my teachers had each girl become an role and it helped a ton! As long as the girl got into the role and you had the Shakespeare dictionary in front of you. Which I also did not know that Shakespeare made up more than 36,000 words, I just thought it was the language of the time and I was always just looking up what it meant then not what it meant to Shakespeare. Overall, I love learning about Shakespeare and this has been the best few classes yet.

  51. Briana DeBree says:

    I am familiar with many of Shakespeare’s plays because I took a class on him in high school. I found it helpful to listen to his plays rather than just read them and No Fear Shakespeare helps a lot too. I have enjoyed learning more about Shakespeare in the past two classes and I really enjoyed our speaker today. He definitely knew a lot about Shakespeare and he did a good job at keeping my attention. I thought his presentation was very interesting and I learned a lot of new things. One of the most fascinating things I took away from today’s class was that Shakespeare had a vocabulary of 36,000, compared to an average person who has a vocabulary of 2,000 to 4,000 words. I also didn’t know that he created over 17,000 new words and a lot of the words we use today. I am very excited to see “As you Like it” tomorrow night!

  52. Megan Kelly says:

    I really liked our speaker today. He was so excited and passionate about Shakespeare it actually made it interesting. All my experience with Shakespeare has been bits and pieces of his work from english textbooks, and had been taught by teachers who really didn’t know too much about him.

    I thought it was really interesting about Shakespheres vocabulary. I never knew that he contributed so much, no one ever mentioned he was the first to say so many things.

    I’ve never really been able to be excited about Shakesphere or his plays, but im hoping at this performance to pay special attention to the launage and vocab used, and I think I will have a new appreciation for it.

    • Kristine Burke says:

      I agree. I thought that Jim Daniels was one of the best speakers that we have had because he showed so much raw emotion and passion about what he was telling us. When you get a chance to listen to someone who has so much excitement about a subject you cant help but be enthused as well. While listening to him it became more than just trying to learn facts and history, it was more like a story that was so interesting to listen too. I also gained a new appreciation for shakespeare; whereas before I thought of him as boring and not understandable, now I can look at his works and be interested and try harder to understand.
      I am excited to go see the play thursday night, especially with my new understanding, it will be fun to watch and listen and enjoy it.

  53. Laura Nomura says:

    From the classes about Shakespeare, I learned a lot more than I had ever known. A lot of his work is very life-like and portrays a lot of emotion. Everything seems to be dramatic and over-exaggerated to really show what the characters feel. What I don’t really like about his work is that it is difficult to understand. I was cool when we looked at sonnets and deconstructed them to find a meaning that we could easily understand. I’m excited to see “As You Like It” because I have never seen any of Shakespeare’s plays before. One thing I worry about, though, is that I may not be able to understand what some of the characters are saying.
    It was nice for so many guests to come in and give the class an informational background on Shakespeare and playwright before we went into seeing an actual performance. It really helped explain a lot about the play and about Shakespeare. All the guests gave us a lot of information to take in and I tried my best to consume as much as possible. I’m hoping this will all help on Thursday!

  54. Mitchell Wither says:

    Learning about Shakespeare these past couple days have really got me thinking. Today in class I learned that he made up 36,000 words and 1,700 new words. I am skepticle about this. How do we know that he actually made them up. Are there records of him saying yes I made them up? Also, on the history channel, I heard that there might not be a Shakespear. No bones or records have been found, or something, I dont know. But other then that, I respect that him or someone made those plays and everyone loves them. And im sure at his time he was very well respected and liked.

  55. Lauren Buckley says:

    I thought that this past class was interesting because it informed me on the history of the Renaissance time period and on Shakespeare as well. I was really impressed by our guest speaker, Tony Ellis. I think that he is really intelligent and helped give the class a great intro into he next performance that we are going to see. I thought it was great that Tony tied togeher the previous information that we had learned, about classical Greece and the characteristiscs along with that time. I am not necessarily a big fan of Shakespeare, but I do appreciate his works because they are so profund and well known. I am excited to see the performance on Thursday and take what I have been learning in class about Shakespeare, the Renaissance time, and the different aspects of art and theatre and relate it to seeing it now.

  56. Kendra Kerbs says:

    Overall I felt that the class was very interesting and I enjoyed learning more about Shakespeare and Michelangelo’s work. In the past I have enjoy studying Renaissance History but I felt a little lost through this lecture. I feel that Dr. Tony Ellis was an interesting person to listen to and he seemed very passionate about the topic but at times I felt that the lecture was a bit unorganized and a little hard to follow. Overall though I felt that he explained things well and made his points clear and I also understand that there was a lot of information to discuss in a two hour class. I have only seen one or two Shakespeare plays in the past and I am very excited to see the performance As You Like It on Thursday.

  57. Courtney Sauter says:

    I was a bit confused in today’s class while talking about some of Shakespeares work, but many people have always been confused about Shakespeares writing. I think that Jim Daniels did his best to try and help us understand Shakespeares work better. A friend of mine went to the performance this past weekend and enjoyed it, although she said it was kind of long, so I look forward to see what As You Like It is all about.

    • Annie Badeusz says:

      I agree. I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan and I don’t understand his writing style. However, I did end up understanding it a better after Jim Daniels came and spoke to our class on Monday. I enjoyed the exercise where we used our hands to count syllables in the sonnet. The more Shakespeare’s poetry and writing styles were explained the more I appreciated his work. I look forward to seeing As You Like It and hope that this performance exceeds my expectations.

  58. Amelia Martin says:

    Yeah, I was definitely getting lost during the lecture, but that just goes to show how much Dr. Ellis knows and how little I do about the English Renaissance…
    I can’t wait to see As You Like It on Thursday. I’ve seen a few Shakespearean plays in my day, and have read a bunch, but I haven’t seen a WMU interpretation of one yet. I find that although Shakespeare was the brains behind these productions, the way the director portrays it really can make or break the play (which is the case in most shows). Shakespeare had a very strange and quirky side to him, which he definitely let loose while writing his plays, and I hope the director didn’t dry out his rich and humorous writing.

  59. Kaila Koch says:

    During last class while listening to Dr. Ellis speak i was very intrigued to listen to his insights on the English Renaissance and Shakespeare. I had previously learned a little about this time period in my English classes in the past. While listening to Dr. Ellis i could see how passionate he was about this topic. He was very informational and his lecture was very detailed. I think it was very useful for our class to listen to Dr. Ellis prior to see the Shakespearian play ‘As You Like It’, giving us a brief insight to the time period. In High School i saw a couple of Shakespeare’s plays preformed and also read many of them too. As we discussed in class the language of the time period is extremely difficult to comprehend. Through my experience i have found that seeing a performance compared to reading a play is much more easier to understand and follow the plot. I am really looking forward to viewing the play on Thursday night, with our small look into the history of the era, i think it is going to be a very enjoyable evening.

  60. zachary gunnels says:

    He covered a long period of time in only 2 hours. I will say that Dr. Ellis knows a lot about his studies and it was noticeable in his speaking. I enjoyed the lecture and think that he did a great job. I realize if Dr. Ellis was given more time to talk (like another class period) much more info could have been retained, but since he had only the time given he did a great job

  61. Marc Lassiter says:

    Although there was loads of information I tried to grasp as much as I could. Taking notes did help on recapping the whole picture of the lecture. As I believe Prof Solomon said, its a shame we have to fit all of this information into one class. Maybe in the future the class will have more time to learn and absorb this period of the renaissance. As I feel this period is extra important because in my previous history class we compared the current time to a “new age renaissance”.

    With all of the information I tried to absorb as much of it as possible, from new phrases I now know to new qualities about important figures in history. For example I knew Shakespeare was into the love theme, but I never realized how dirty he could get sometimes. This making him a outlier / unique during the renaissance period, but almost predicted the current trends of today.
    I have also grown more in love with Michelangelo’s work. His “idea of beauty” was a powerful poem that set standards for artists and on top of that; made sense to me. The more I learn about Michelangelo, the more I get captured into how powerful his work is.
    The other really cool thing I found in this class was I learned what the willing suspension of disbelief was. I listened to a song by that name; by modest mouse and never really understood what the title represented.

  62. Andrew Schoenfeld says:

    I thrououghly enjoyed the lecture by Dr. Ellis. It brought up certain subjects which have been forgetten since high school about the english renaissance and expanded upon them. It has rekindled my interest in the subject, and I can’t wait to see “As You Like it” this week.

  63. Tierene' Coleman says:

    I was a tad lost and bored by the presentation last class. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. It saddened me that he made history boring. I LOVE HISTORY and this just was not my cup of tea. I do have to give Dr. Tony Ellis his props he gave facts that were very good, but those facts and nuggets were the ONLY thing besides the media that held my attention and made me want to learn more about this subject. There was a lot of notes to write I couldn’t write them all down but hopefully the ones that I did write will help me later on down the road.

    • Tierene' Coleman says:

      I completely enjoyed the play it kept my attention and it was very creative! The actors in this play did a wonderful job making the language and the actions of the people in the “as you like it days” as a second nature. What surprised me is how they through many urban song and dance in the play that would make you laugh and stay connected. The song before the break was my favorite, again they did a great job. The design of the play was simple elegant and genius especially the banner drops that can express different colors it was absolutely beautiful! I think Shakespeare’s thoughts of love is way different than the way love is expressed these days. You do not find many people who will go through that much crap with a “man” especially if your a man to prove love. I do know that there are still hopeless romantics like there was in the play that live in these days. There should be more cool plays like this one.

  64. Phil Koutras says:

    I was also a little bit lost during Tony Ellis’s presentation. I am a very big fan of history and learning about how things were done back in the Renaissance or Medevil period. However, there were so many notes that I felt like I couldn’t even pay attention and understand what he was saying because I was constantly writing. I just hope I am not too far behind on everything because I didn’t understand a lot from his presentation. From what I did get out of it I enjoyed a lot. I felt there actually was a good amount of valuable information and besides all the notes I loved learning about Shakespeare, the set up of the theatre, and other aspects of life back then. I have seen Shakespeare before and I have enjoyed it, I’m really looking forward to this performance on Thursday!

  65. Eileen Keaty says:

    I saw the performance of As You Like It today. I enjoyed it very much, all the shakespeare plays i have seen i have fallen asleep and this performance kept me entertained throughout the whole thing. It is very humorous, and it even has some modern parts to it. I don’t want to give any of it away but defiantly look forward to this performance on Thursday night.

    • Sara Olivares says:

      I saw the performance this weekend as well and was also impressed by the artist’s ability to mingle the contemporary with classic. It was obvious the hard work needed to make this production as successful as it was. When I was leaving the theatre I noticed a display holding sketches of the costumes worn, along with scraps of the fabrics used. Too often the hard work that goes into a show or any other form of art work is a bit over looked. We see the finished product and can be mindless, and often unappreciative to what has happened “behind the scenes” before the end product finds us. SO that being said, I hope that when everyone goes to see the show they take note of all of the nitty-gritty details, keeping in mind all that must intertwine to create a performance like As You Like It.

  66. martina klukowski says:

    I hope I am not the only one who was a little confussed from class on Thursday with Tony Ellis. I feel like there was a lot of information tossed out and learned; however, it was done so in a very confusing and unorganized manor. It was difficult to follow the lecture and piece everything together. I am assuming that it was so difficult to follow because there is such great history to this time period. Tony Ellis is clearly a master of his studies which must make it hard for him to sum all of his great knowledge into a short 2 hour period of time. With that said we learned a lot, but the topic probably needs more than one class period to be dicussed.

    With that said Iam looking forward to see As You Like it!

    • Cesar Gonzalez says:

      I totally agree with you. I was lost mostly throughout the entire lecture. I mean Tony Ellis did give some interesting facts, but still it was very confusing to me.

      • Jeremy Inklebarger says:

        I will also jump in and agree. I did learn quite a bit, and I’m sure trying to compile over 200 years of art history into 2 hours must be very difficult. If there is a next time I would suggest, if possible, to maybe having multiple classes on this one subject. Being more spread out would give the students the ability to take notes, and pay attention. As well as give us all time to admire what history there is.

        • Ausitn Seabert says:

          I think that it is incredibly difficult to bring up all of the aspects of the Renaissance. The transition from medieval to the renaissance was an enormous in Europe and the rest of the world. So I can see how it can be very confusing.
          Overall I thought the class was very interesting, I took heroes and villains of the middle ages last semester. The class studied a lot of material during the time period preceding the renaissance, so I find it interesting to take a look at the changes between the periods.

      • Margaret Cassar says:

        I would have to disagree. I thought that he was quite clear and explained his points very well. I liked how he broke down the sonets and poems to explain them. I felt that many of his examples went along with previous lectures and tied in well with the overall lecture. I agree that it was fast pace but I didnt think it was hard to follow. He had a funny sense of humor too. I enjoyed the class. I am looking forward to the play, I think that today’s class will help in understanding the play better too.

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